Thursday of Rockapalooza Week

Our last full day of camp was possibly the best yet! What a great day!!

Breakfast was sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches and then it was time for morning chapel. Our ‘C’ of the day was community- which is fitting because throughout the week we’ve been using all of the C’s to build an awesome, fun, respectful and encouraging community. CYC is definitely the best place to be because of our community.

After breakfast, we had a fun all camp activity in Sweeney Up, where cabins worked to protect a single egg that they were given. The eggs were dropped from up high, and we got to see whose egg survived! After that, we watched some awesomely hilarious and entertaining skits performed by counselors and CITs! But the fun possibly reached its peak when we came together in Sweeney Up to shoot the music video that campers had rehearsed for! It’s going to be super fun and exciting to watch it tomorrow before lunch!

Lunch was sloppy joes and salad bar! Yum!

This afternoon, activities were in full swing. The drama group was busy rehearsing and perfecting their act for the big show, campers were making cardboard boats in art hall, playing board games in Tek, making paper airplanes, and more!

Dinner was turkey gravey, mashed potatoes, peas and salad bar! It was delicious. At the end of dinner, our minute to win it game was hoola-hooping! Even the counselors had a competition after campers!

After dinner, we had “primetime” which gives campers time to visit the camp store, play gaga, play carpet ball, play on the field and just hang out. All of our busy fun activities are awesome, but primetime is definitely a favorite part of everyone’s day!Then, the highly anticipated CYC Rockapalooza talent show was held in Indian Point! Everyone was absolutely blown away by all of the talent. And to conclude the night of talent, counselors and staff all performed different lip synch acts.

A full day but we weren’t done yet! After chapel we had a recognition ceremony where each camper received a bead necklace representing one of the 5 Cs (courage, charity, community, cooperation and Christ). We listened to a story that explained the meaning of the 5 Cs and walked by torch light to the campfire circle to celebrate each camper. It was a powerful way to end our week.

Whew! What a great final full day of camp! We look forward to seeing the parents who are coming to our closing program tomorrow (which will begin at 1:15pm). Thank you for leaving your pets at home.

If your camper is riding the bus home, we will return to the Roseville Professional Center around 5pm.

Check our moments from the day on Flickr:

"What camp means to me is learning about God, making friends and having fun. But the most important thing is being yourself. We have lots of fun at camp. The counselors are great, the friends are nice, the themes are awesome, and the games rule! When I grow too old to come to camp I want to be a camp counselor, but for now, I will enjoy the fun at camp. See you this year!" - Josh

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