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Catholic Youth Camp Minnesota (CYC), a registered 501(c)(3) organization, is committed to providing transformative Catholic camping experiences that nurture friendship, community, and prayer within a welcoming environment. As we respect and honor our 75+ year legacy, we are also looking forward to a future filled with promise. To lead us into this future, we seek a dynamic and innovative Executive Director with a strong focus on fundraising and partnership building.

The Executive Director will serve as the principal driving force behind our fundraising initiatives, emphasizing the cultivation and strengthening of relationships with donors and community organizations. The ideal candidate for this role is a forward-thinking individual capable of introducing innovative strategies to maximize our fundraising potential. They will work towards improving our facilities and devising creative organizational structures and staffing plans that enhance our fundraising capacity and drive our mission.

A significant aspect of the Executive Director’s role is engaging our campers year-round and leading a devoted team that functions throughout the year, complemented by an active camp community of volunteers and seasonal staff. These teams will work in synergy to ensure the responsible stewardship of CYC resources and provide meaningful ministry services to our camp attendees and the wider community.

Based in our administrative offices in Roseville, Minnesota (Minneapolis/St. Paul), with our camp located near McGregor, MN, on the scenic Big Sandy Lake, the Executive Director assumes comprehensive responsibility for all aspects of CYC’s operations. This includes management of programs, personnel, development initiatives, and volunteer activities, all of which are aimed at advancing CYC’s mission.

Reporting directly to the CYC Board of Directors, primarily the Board Chair, the Executive Director will maintain regular communication on all fundraising initiatives and progress. This role is instrumental in ensuring that our fundraising efforts and partnership strategies are seamlessly integrated across all areas of our operations, thereby enhancing our impact within the community.

About Catholic Youth Camp Minnesota

Catholic Youth Camp (CYC) is an esteemed 501(c)(3) institution committed to creating enriching Catholic camping experiences in an environment of camaraderie, community, and spirituality.

CYC, founded in 1947 by Monsignor Jack Sweeney, was established with the intent of instilling a deep respect for and devotion to Catholic virtues in the younger generation. Campers are encouraged to appreciate the splendor of nature while adopting the principles of the North American Martyrs — Courage, Community, Cooperation, Charity, and Christ.

CYC currently offers an amalgamation of traditional camp activities and Catholic faith-based experiences for youths aged 7-17. Our main goal is to cultivate a sense of community, belonging, and support while teaching essential life and social skills. We aim for our campers to leave feeling more confident in themselves and their faith.

Our camp underscores the importance of rustic, traditional outdoor activities such as archery, swimming, canoeing, arts and crafts, campfires, and group games. These activities are carefully designed to foster human connection. Campers reside in rustic cabins divided by age and gender during week-long camp sessions. The days begin and end with all-camp chapel services, and a weekly Mass is celebrated communally. We strive to make the camp experience accessible and affordable to all children and families, particularly those who typically lack access to such experiences. Campers from all faith backgrounds are welcome.

Position Overview

The Executive Director of Catholic Youth Camp plays a crucial role in shaping the future of the organization. This position requires strategic leadership, encompassing operational management, fundraising, marketing, donor engagement, budgeting, facility planning, program vision, and staff development. The key focus is on a transformative approach, to not only maintain but also enhance the camp’s ability to fulfill its mission and vision.

As the head of the organization, the Executive Director is tasked with establishing annual goals and objectives in close collaboration with the Board. They are also responsible for hiring and overseeing all year-round staff and, potentially, working with program staff to recruit seasonal employees. This role involves periodic visits to the camp property in Northern Minnesota, necessitating a versatile approach to leadership.

The transformative focus of the role signifies a need for the Executive Director to identify opportunities for organizational development and evolution. This might include the implementation of digital tools for improved operational efficiency and donor engagement, the reassessment and reinvention of camp programs, and the cultivation of new fundraising strategies. Moreover, seeking partnerships is integral to the success and sustainability of organizations like Catholic Youth Camp. Such collaborations can lead to resource sharing, knowledge exchange, increased visibility and credibility, and innovative solutions, ultimately bolstering the camp’s ability to overcome challenges and impact the lives of youth and the larger community.

As the organization’s principal representative, the Executive Director should fully embrace the mission and values of Catholic Youth Camp. They are expected to foster a workplace environment that encourages excellence, benefits the ministry, and enhances the experiences of all guests. This position, reporting directly to the Catholic Youth Camp board of directors, is exempt from overtime provisions. With a committed focus on transformation and partnership-building, the Executive Director will drive Catholic Youth Camp into its future, ensuring its success and positive impact for many years to come.


The ideal candidate will have:

  • Three or more years of full-time experience in non-profit leadership, camping, youth development, or related areas
  • A bachelor’s degree in business or nonprofit leadership, outdoor or recreational education, youth development, or related areas is preferred
  • A commitment to ensuring the sustainability of CYC by increasing revenue currently comprised primarily of camper tuition and individual giving including the development of new donors. Previous fundraising experience preferred.
  • Exceptional relationship-building skills with the ability to forge new relationships with parents, staff, donors, and others
  • Strong financial management skills, including donor development, budget preparation, analysis, decision making, and reporting
  • Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills for working with staff, parents, donors, and stakeholders
  • A collaborative and confident demeanor, with the ability to engage and unite staff, Board members, and volunteers towards the achievement of the organization’s mission and vision
  • High emotional intelligence skills, including self-awareness, self-management, self-motivation, and social awareness
  • Proven ability to hire effectively and lead staff towards the achievement of organizational objectives
  • Interest in and alignment with the mission and vision of CYC


  • Board Governance: Collaborate with the Board to fulfill CYC’s mission. Duties include:
    • Assisting in the recruitment of Board members and defining their responsibilities.
    • Providing timely and comprehensive information to facilitate informed decision-making by the Board, including major plans, initiatives, etc.
    • Developing and coordinating Board meeting agendas and facilitating meetings in cooperation with the Board President.
    • Organizing the scheduling of Board meetings and attending these meetings to provide regular organizational updates to the Board.
  • Organizational Mission and Strategy: Lead strategic planning, program visioning, and community outreach to fulfill the mission of CYC with Board approval. Responsibilities include:
    • Collaborating with the Board to periodically re-evaluate and update the mission of CYC.
    • Developing and maintaining a strategic plan to ensure the long-term fulfillment of CYC’s mission.
    • Setting the overall program vision and approving programming to execute the mission.
    • Enhancing CYC’s image through active community engagement and sustained relationships with churches, schools, and related organizations.
    • Stewarding CYC property and facilities, including developing and maintaining a facilities plan that aligns with the mission and budget of the camp.
    • Overseeing and growing volunteer programs that enable CYC’s mission.
  • Financial Performance and Viability: Secure and manage financial resources to ensure CYC’s financial health. This involves:
    • Developing and implementing all aspects of CYC’s fundraising efforts, including cultivating and stewarding both individual and institutional donors.
    • Ensuring the fiscal integrity of CYC, which includes submitting a proposed annual budget to the Board and providing monthly financial statements that accurately reflect the financial status of the camp.
    • Managing fiscal operations within the approved budget, ensuring maximum resource utilization, and maintaining the organization in a positive financial position.
  • Organizational Operations: Oversee the implementation of resources to ensure alignment with CYC’s mission and values. This includes:
    • Serving as CYC’s primary spokesperson to parents, donors, the media, and the public.
    • Creating and implementing a comprehensive marketing and communication plan to support the mission of the camp. This includes maintaining the camp’s website, managing parent communications, producing an annual report, coordinating school and parish communications, and exploring other marketing channels.
    • Ensuring appropriate insurance coverage for the organization, staff, and property, including prompt reporting of loss/injury.
    • Complying with government regulations, including health department and food-service regulations and inspections.
    • Maintaining active American Camping Association accreditation.
  • Personnel: Oversee and lead the organizational structure, staffing, and employment records. Tasks include:
    • Creating a staffing plan that aligns with the mission and budget, defining necessary hires for CYC, and outlining the timing of these hires. This includes the potential early hiring of a camp/program director to manage camp during the camping season.
    • Updating and maintaining a comprehensive employee manual for year-round and seasonal staff.
    • Developing, implementing, and maintaining a program of staff training and development that aligns with and promotes the mission and vision of CYC.
    • Leading and supervising all year-round staff, including setting goals and conducting periodic reviews.
    • Overseeing employment files and forms, including but not limited to background checks, W4, I9, new hire notification, Worker’s Compensation, payroll, etc.
    • Maintaining and monitoring employee files, including vacation/leave records, medical, etc.

Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to

"CYC means a lot to me, it means growing in faith, having friendships that may last forever and just having fun." - Jennifer

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