Catholic Youth Camp Changes Lives

"Where is our hope? Does it lie in the group of ten-year-olds turning over rocks to peer underneath exploring nature and running along streams where trout skim the rippling water’s surface? Does it settle down around the campfire in the evening when staff and campers commune while they tell exciting stories of courage or funny episodes of the day?

Camp continues to build hope in the most innocent of places a child’s heart. The camp experience strengthens the fragile encourages the shy and awakens the adventurous spirits that dwell in each child."

 Catholic Youth Camp is the only full-season Catholic camp in Minnesota

"CYC combines fun and faith and my son talks about camp all year long!" -Jane (camper parent of a Settler)

"My child came home from camp excited singing songs telling stories and with new self confidence. She was only gone for a week but in that time she gained a sense of independence." -Janice (camper parent of a Trailblazer)



"When I think of CYC, I think most of all about FUN! CYC is the best camp EVER! Love helps the CYC community tie together as a family. I love all the activities and games and my friends." - Ellie

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