Inventor Wednesday

 What a busy day at CYC!

After breakfast morning chapel and cabin activities cabins headed to the mud pit for a good old fashioned tug-o-war! We have the strongest campers at CYC but ultimately the B3 girls won the tournament! After competing everyone had the chance to jump into the mud pit and get SUPER muddy. Afterwards we ran down to the beach to wash off! 

Then it was back to inventing– this time we had stations that campers rotated between. We had the un-poppable bubbles (poppable but still fun) elephant toothpaste (NOT edible) marshmallow catapults and water shooting. It was quite a busy morning!



There were so many things going on today! The art group was busy with clay sculptures the canoe/kayak group played "follow the leader" around the lake and worked on improving their strokes the fishing group didn’t catch any fish but they played a great game of fish trivia while on the boat waiting for fish. The dance group worked on their routine for the talent show and campfire cooking made bread in a dutch oven over the campfire! 

After dinner (chicken alfredo!) we turned on the disco ball blasted the music and let loose at the FABULOUS dance party! And you better believe these kids can dance! 

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"CYC means a lot to me, it means growing in faith, having friendships that may last forever and just having fun." - Jennifer

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