What a super fun day at CYC! It was a great day to be at camp!

Breakfast was delicious – biscuits and gravy! The ‘C’ of the day was Christ.  We started our day out with an activity, and then we gathered together for much anticipated MUD PIT! cabins competed in tug-o-war and afterwards, each camper could jump into the HUGE mud pit and get COVERED! Once everyone was muddy, we headed to the beach to wash off!

Lunch was sloppy joes, tater tots, fruit, and salad bar. And then it was time for some rest time and afternoon activities. The weather was hot and sunny and a perfect summer day!

Dinner was fetuccine alfredo with chicken. Yum!

Now we have Prime Time, then it’s the night everyone is always waiting for- the dance party! The disco ball is shining, the music will be blasting and the campers and staff will be dancing their hearts out! We still have plenty of energy to burn, so this dance party is needed!

Luckily we have another great day ahead of us tomorrow!

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"Not once did I EVER hear put downs. And CYC is the best camp to be at!!! And I bet this year will be even better." - Isabel

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