Wednesday- Olympics

A little rain can’t stop our fun! It rained for a while today but we still had a ton of fun and rocked it out!

During the first two hours of the day we stayed on track with cabin activities with slight adjustments- sports turned into board games in the chill zone and a few cabins switched to indoor activities but everyone was still busy with the camp activities they’d signed up and gotten excited for on Sunday. Our campers are not only enthusiastic and awesome they are also great at having a positive attitude and having fun no matter what.

Individual activities also stayed on track with only a few slight adjustments- canoers painted some beautiful aquatic/canoe/outdoor themed murals (their artistic abilities matched their canoeing ability!) throwers were busy creating beautiful and interesting targets for aiming at tomorrow in archery tomahawks and slingshot. It was really cool to look around at the different activities going on and see the creative and unique things going on!

After lunch (mini corn dogs and hot dogs- YUM!) and rest time the rain stopped (YAY!) and we were back in action! Throwers were throwing canoers canoeing artists crafting etc. Because it was a little bit chilly at the swim beach we had lots of sand art (castles and sculptures and all kinds of goodness) and we decided to start a bonfire! Bonfires at the beach are the best! Jump in the ice cold lake and then run to warm up- over and over again!

For the afternoon activity we took part in some CHAOS… no not disorganized craziness- but Counselors Have Another Outstanding Skill! Counselors get a chance to lead an activity totally different than regular camp programming. So we had campers learning yoga survival skills card tricks facts about constellations story telling and creative writing! It was a busy and interesting afternoon of skills.

Delicious dinner flag lowering and praise and worship and then after a day of on and off rain it was time to cut loose and rock out at the dance party!! Campers and counselors brought out their best dance moves and shook the whole building with energy and groovin’! Everyone danced until they almost dropped and then it was time for bed! What a great day!

"To me Catholic Youth Camp is a place I can be myself and know others will not judge me. Plus it is a place where I can learn more about my religion and proclaim it to the world freely." - JP

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