Wednesday of Teen Week

What a gorgeous, hot, sunny perfect day at camp! Early morning activities are still drawing a crowd and polar bear plunge is always a great way to start the day! Breakfast was delicious – bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches! We started our day with chapel and then headed out and about. It was a hot, sunny and fabulous all day!

The first activity of the day was a counselor hunt/decode challenge. Campers had to run around camp searching for hidden counselors, who each held a clue. Once the clues were solved, they found out that they would be enjoying root beer floats tonight. It rained a little bit while this activity was going on, but since everyone was RUNNING, it was actually a welcome relief to the heat. Afterwards, all cabins had water activities- swimming, boating, paddling (and the sun came back), so everyone was able to cool off on the lake!

Lunch was turkey melt sandwiches, fries, fruit, and salad bar. And then it was time for some rest time and afternoon activities. The weather was hot and sunny and a perfect summer day! All of the activities were busy- drama was practicing for the talent show, sports was playing basketball, there was archery, arts and crafts (working on bead necklaces), swimming and more!

Before dinner, we all headed down to the mud pit for some tug-o-war, followed by jumping in the mud, and then running down to the beach to wash off.

Dinner was baked chicken, au gratin potatoes, veggies and lemon bars for dessert.

Next up was Prime Time (the camp store is open, gaga ball, carpet ball, games, and relaxing), followed by the dance party! The disco ball was shining, the music was blasting and the campers and staff were dancing their hearts out! It was SO much fun and so hot, so we took a quick dip in the lake afterwards to cool everyone down. After that, we enjoyed root beer floats and then it was off to the chapel to end the day! High energy songs to celebrate our faith and close out the day!

Whew! Did that review make you tired?! We’ve packed a lot into a day! It’s great to be at camp!

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