Wednesday of Outta This World Week

 Sunshine laughter and lots of activities= a perfect day at CYC!

This morning groups worked hard to build and decorate rockets and then launched them using baking soda and vinegar. The rockets didn’t make it all the way to outer space but did go up pretty far! 

Activities were in full swing keeping us busy all day! The swimmers were swimming the drama group was busy acting and preparing for the upcoming talent show the artists were crafting the throwers were shooting archery and slingshots and throwing tomahawks canoers canoeing and everyone was filled with camp spirit!

Through all of the activities campers and staff have been singing their cabin cheers encouraging each other in activities and making our community a great place to be. The best part of CYC is that everyone is free to be themselves- no pressure to be "cool" or fit in by wearing the "right" thing or saying the "right" thing. You can be loud or quiet sporty or artsy goofy silly and express yourself. We’re all committed to being respectful of each other accepting everyone encouraging each other and having fun together. 

After dinner (tacos!) cabins spent a little time cleaning camp- sweeping picking up trash and helping keep this place wonderful. Then it was off to praise and worship for songs and prayer. And then everyone headed to the Friendship Circle for a campfire! We started with songs moved on to yummy s’mores and then watched some hilarious skits performed by our amazingly talented staff! It was a great night!

Tomorrow brings another day of fun and adventure on Big Sandy Lake!!


"I love how every night we do devotions. And Sunset beach is the best place to hang out, and our cabins are very awesome too!!! Sweeney is very fun. We always have the dance party there, which is my favorite thing. They always have fun activities and we always like doing them." - Isabel

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