Wednesday of Messy/Dirty/Messy Week

It was a chilly day at CYC but everyone was excited and busy with activities! 

We started out day with breakfast burritos the ‘C’ of the day in holy ground was Christ and then cabins headed to cabin activities where they boated shot archery did arts and crafts and other great camp activities. 

All camp theme activity today was creating rainbow bubble snakes! Each camper got to build one and then blow loooooong suddsy snakes out of the ends. It was VERY fun and ended with several campers having beards new hairstyles and suds flying through the air!

After mini corn dogs and macaroni and cheese lunch and rest time campers headed to activities to swim play sports do arts and crafts cook canoe fish dance and act. It was a perfect sunny day and activities were in full swing.

Dinner was chicken a la king and then it was time for another fun theme activity! "Gold Rush" is a crazy game played on the field- sort of like capture the flag… Each team has to collect "gold" (playground balls) that are scattered around the field. If they cross onto the other team side they can get tagged and have to go to jail. Except that instead of getting tagged campers are armed with "snow balls" (which are actually flour filled balls) and they can toss them at each other leaving messy dusty marks on each other. Very fun!

Praise and worship will be after the game and then it will be time for the fantastic dance party! Everyone will be busting out their best dance moves!! 

It’s been a busy day and there’s more fun to come!

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"To me, CYC is a place where I can really be myself and make new friends. At CYC, I feel safe and happy. The counselors at camp have inspired me. I feel closer to God since my experience at CYC." - Anna

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