Wednesday of H2O Week!

 Today was such a great day! We began the day with polar bear plunge and then it was time for breakfast (biscuits and gravy).  Morning chapel was next (Christ was the ‘C’ of the day) and then two hours of cabin activities. Cabins were canoeing playing sports working on arts and crafts fishing and swimming. 

And then it was time for mud pit! Cabins competed in tug-o-war over our giant sloppy mud pit. But the real fun comes afterwards when each cabin has the chance to jump in the mud pit and get COVERED in ooey gooey messy mud. Some campers went in just a little bit and some slid in head first! Almost everyone ended up with some mud on them. Once everyone was good and messy we all headed down to the beach to wash off. 

Lunch was mini corn dogs and mac and cheese and then we headed to a much needed rest time! Right after the mud pit through lunch and rest time it was pouring rain! But as soon as it was time for activities the sun came out and it was a gorgeous day!

After rest time it was time for individual activities. Arts and crafts were designing their own game boards canoers were busy searching for turtles in the boating bay swimmers were building some amazing castles and moats drama was perfecting their skit for the talent show and campfire cooking was making some delicious treats over the fire.

Dinner was special tonight because we decided to have a dining hall picnic. Instead of sitting at the table on a chair cabins plopped their trays down on the floor. "Picnic dinner" was chanted loudly and you could probably hear us across the lake! We are orange chicken and rice (and really yummy cake!)and then it was time for water trivia! Cabins competed in answering trivia questions and for each one they got right their designated LIT got to walk farther into the lake. The goal was to get your LIT all the way out to the floating dock to retrieve a flag. 

Next up it was time for campers to put on their dancing shoes! We turned ont he disco ball turned down the lights and CRANKED up the music! You should have seen the campers’ dance moves!

After that it was time to raise the roof in praise and worship- singing so loud you could probably hear us across the lake!

Whew! What a busy day!!

"CYC means a lot to me, it means growing in faith, having friendships that may last forever and just having fun." - Jennifer

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