Wednesday of Games to the Max

  Today was such a great day! We began the day with polar bear plunge and then it was time for breakfast (breakfast burritos).  Morning chapel was next (charity was the ‘C’ of the day) and then two hours of cabin activities. Cabins were canoeing playing sports working on arts and crafts fishing and swimming. 

Before lunch we had an epic game of GIANT BATTLESHIP. Campers were on 2 teams separated by a giant wall of tarps. Each side had circles with their "battleships". Teams got to throw big sponges through the air and if they hit the battleship 3 times then it was "sunk"! 

Lunch was fish sticks and mac and cheese and then we headed to a much needed rest time! 

After rest time it was time for individual activities. Arts and crafts were designing their own game boards canoers were busy searching for turtles in the boating bay swimmers were building some amazing castles and moats drama was perfecting their skit for the talent show and campfire cooking was making some delicious treats over the fire.

Dinner was beef stew and then it was time for a camp-wide scavenger hunt. Cabins ran all over camp to complete a series of puzzles solve clues complete riddles and be the first team back to complete all challenges. You could hear the campers cheering all the way across camp! 

After that it was time to raise the roof in praise and worship- singing so loud you could probably hear us across the lake! Whew! What a busy day!!

"CYC is a great place to have fun, make friends, and share your faith. At camp, you can make a new friend almost anywhere like during activities, around the campfire, or in your cabin. If you get homesick, you’ll have nice friends and understanding counselors to help you out. You won’t need to worry about it too much because you’ll be having fun all day. No matter where you are, fishing, swimming, or playing soccer, you’ll be having a great time. CYC rocks!" - Joe

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