Wednesday of Amazing Race Week

 It has been a GORGEOUS day at CYC and everyone was excited and busy with activities! After 34 hours without power at 10am this morning we got electricity back and everyone was very excited! 

After breakfast moring chapel and first cabin activity everyone headed to the field for an AMAZING teamwork challenge. First cabins had to flip over a tarp while the whole cabin was stading on it! Once they completed that they had to use a big pile of materials to transport a marble from one side of the field to the other without letting the marble drop. Our campers know how to cooperate!

After chicken sandwichs andtater tots for lunch and rest time campers headed to activities to swim play sports do arts and crafts cook canoe fish dance and act. It was a perfect sunny day and activities were in full swing.

Dinner was italian dunkers and chicken caesar salad and birthday cake (for Jena M’s birthday) and then it was time for another challenge! This one was a multi step challenge requiring each camper to take a different leg of a relay race. Here were the legs-

  • 1 camper is blindfolded and the other camper will be calling directions to help them pick up 5 items from the field.
  • Once all 5 items have been collected a third camper will throw all items into a large bin- then team moves on to next station. 
  • 3 campers will have buckets- the first will be at the lake edge and will fill their bucket toss the water to the second person and then  they will toss it to the final person who dumps whatever is left into their team’s final bucket. Once the bucket is full the wiffle ball inside will be floating at the top and your team can take that and move on.
  •  One camper will take the wiffle ball balance it on a peg and  walk through the balance beam path. If they drop their ball off the peg they must start over at the beginning of the path. 
  • Cabins will then trade the wiffle ball for a “statue”. The next 4 people must balance the statue on a platform between 2 canoes. They must canoe from one side to the other and hand the statue off to the final team member.
  • The last team member will run the statue to the finish line.

The blue team rocked the challenge while the red team rocked the cabin spirit! It was quite an event!

Our campers have the most energy because even after an intense day they still had enough energy for the fantastic dance party! Everyone busted out their best dance moves tonight!! It was an amazing party to end a great day!

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"Not once did I EVER hear put downs. And CYC is the best camp to be at!!! And I bet this year will be even better." - Isabel

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