Wednesday of Game Show Mania Week

What a super fun day at CYC! We are having so much fun this week! The weather was gorgeous and sunny and HOT! A perfect day to be at camp!


Breakfast was delicious – french toast sticks and sausage! The ‘C’ of the day was Christ.  We started the day field game challenges. First we did Supermarket Sweep, where cabins raced around the Prime Time area of camp to collect objects with green tags on them worth the most amount of money. Then we played CYC version of The Price is Right. Cabins guessed the actual price of the objects they collected and the winners were announced at dinner. We have been having a ton of game-filled fun! 

Then it was time for a prayer service. We are not just a community that PLAYS together, we are a community that PRAYS together. With the ‘C’ of the day being Christ, it was a nice opportunity to take a break from the crazy silly camp fun to remember what makes CYC such a special place. There are lots of camps out there but our community is rooted in faith and when campers come together for fun and friendship with faith at the center of everything, it makes for a place that has been exceptional for 70 years!

After our prayer service together, campers had the opportunity to splash on into the mud pit!

Lunch was quesadillas, vegetables, fruit, and salad bar. And then it was time for some rest time and afternoon activities. It was sunny and warm and we had a blast being outside and having fun.

Dinner was cheeseburgers, fries, salad bar, and and fruit. Yum! After Dinner campers enjoyed Prime Time. 

Then it was the night everyone is always waiting for- the dance party! The disco ball was shining, the music was blasting and the campers and staff danced their hearts out! We still had plenty of energy to burn, so this dance party was needed! After the dance party, we ended the day spectacularly with praise and worship and a few minutes of silent reflective prayer time on Sunset Beach.

Luckily we have another great day ahead of us tomorrow!

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"What camp means to me is learning about God, making friends and having fun. But the most important thing is being yourself. We have lots of fun at camp. The counselors are great, the friends are nice, the themes are awesome, and the games rule! When I grow too old to come to camp I want to be a camp counselor, but for now, I will enjoy the fun at camp. See you this year!" - Josh

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