Wednesday Afternoon Harry Potter Week


Just after the big Quidditch tournament this morning (which was a huge hit!) the campers gathered around the flagpole to participate in one of our favorite activities here at CYC: CHAOS!

Now CHAOS is not quite what it sounds like if what it sounds like is some sort of hodgepodge free time where everyone is turned loose to rely on their own devices; absolutely not! Actually the title itself CHAOS is an acronym that stands for Counselors Have Another Outstanding Skill and the activity gives the campers the option of learning an interesting game or skill or craft from one of our fabulously talented staff members.

Some campers followed Brittany from the flagpole to the art barn where they used a few random materials to try and come up with a machine that would pop a water balloon placed on the other side of the room; others followed Jen to the break area to learn some popular french words and phrases and still others followed Joe or Michelle to a paper airplane building station and an Irish football field (the latter is like football here only you can dribble and make forward motion).

Just after CHAOS we have lunch and then rest time (which was much needed after such a fun-filled morning!).

Afternoon activities…

After rest time we started our regular camp activities.

These are the activities that campers sign up for at our opening campfire. Just a walk around camp is enough to remind anyone why camp can be such a wonderful experience. Campers were busy swimming boating working on newspaper articles (which they will then publish and print for their fellow campers) and much more. In fact they are still out participating in these activities as I type this (second activity will end in just a few minutes and then it’s off to camp store/break time).

An exciting evening ahead

What about tonight? With so many excellent activities and themed games and programs what could possibly be left to do? Well for starters we have cabin free time when cabins will be given a chance to prepare for the talent show that will take place tomorrow night then there are capers (a chance for campers to give back to camp by completing twenty-five minute chores and tasks with their cabins) then Chapel (today’s C is Charity — and we’re all dying to hear more about it when we meet for chapel tonight) and then the dance party! With the new disco ball here at camp the dance promises to be particularly exciting tonight! 

"When I think of CYC, I think most of all about FUN! CYC is the best camp EVER! Love helps the CYC community tie together as a family. I love all the activities and games and my friends." - Ellie

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