Walk of Fame Wednesday

What a busy day at CYC!

There were so many things going on today! There were the usual great things like cabin activities and individual activities but also some exciting things that were just a little different than usual.

This morning the teen service group headed into town to volunteer with flood relief helping out some neighbors whose yard and home flooded. The campers who were camping overnight returned from their adventure and several groups climbed the fire tower. 

Our ‘C’ of the day was Christ. Not only are we a community that PLAYS together we are a community that PRAYS together. Bishop Piche from St Paul joined us this afternoon and we took some time away from the crazy silly camp activities and celebrated Mass together. 

After dinner (hamburgers!) we al took part in an all camp ADVENTURE RACE! It was an elaborate competition that color teams competed in together. Each color team has 9 campers. For the adventure race here’s how it worked- 

Campers 1 & 2 ran three-legged race style from the boys cabin area to the field. When they arrived a the field they tagged off to Campers 3&4 who had to collect 9 puzzle pieces (of their team color) that were spread on the field and then complete the puzzle. Once the puzzle was complete they ran across the field to the mailbox where they tagged off to Campers 5&6 who had to carry a canoe (and paddles and lifejackets) to the boating bay. At the boating bay they tagged off to campers 78 &9 who had to paddle out around the lifeguard who was in a kayak and back to the swim beach. 

Once 7 8 and 9 were paddling Campers 1-6 had to run back to the welcome center where they retrieved an envelope with another puzzle which when put together was a map. The map led them across camp to find a box of matches a ball of twine and two tent poles. Once they found those objects they went to the fire circle to meet up with Campers 7-9 at which point they tied the twine across the tent poles and had to build a fire big enough to burn the twine. The first team to burn their rope was the winner. They must have been listening in chapel on Monday because they were cooperating SO well! Campers worked together encouraged each other and in the end all 5 teams were able to complete the challenge and burn the rope! Be sure to check on the photos and see all the action.

For our final activity of the evening we turned on the disco ball blasted the music and let loose at the FABULOUS dance party! And you better believe these kids can dance! 

Whew! Are you tired from reading all of that? We have had a JAM PACKED day of fun! 

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"When I think of CYC, I think most of all about FUN! CYC is the best camp EVER! Love helps the CYC community tie together as a family. I love all the activities and games and my friends." - Ellie

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