Tuesday of Survival Week!

We’re sorry for the delayed response to anyone who called or emailed today- we had so many activities going on that all of the staff were out and about all day! It was SUCH a fun day though who has time for office work?!

Breakfast morning holy ground (today’s ‘C’ was charity) followed by cabin activities kept us busy all morning. Right before lunch everyone headed down to the mud pit for tug-o-war followed by jumping into the mud pit to get as messy as possible! Once we were completely covered in mud we ran down to the beach to wash off.

This afternoon campers were busy with archery/ slingshot/tomahawks fishing dance drama and swimming. The canoers did some "sprint" races to see how fast they could paddle. The campfire cooking group made quesadillas over the campfire. Arts and crafts worked on pillows. Sports groups were getting crazy on the volleyball court and drama groups were busy with talent show preparations! The newspaper was busy interviewing people and digging up the latest camp news!

Dinner tonight was a special event. Instead of going to the dining hall everyone met at the Friendship Circle to make foil dinners that we cooked over the campfire. Campers got to build their own filling the foil with chicken (pre-cooked don’t worry safety first!) potatoes carrots green beans and onions. Counselors were working hard to cook the packets over the fire while cabins hung out on picnic blankets played outdoor themed charades and catchphrase.

A little rain in the middle of our cookout made some of us run inside for a little while while some of us just hung out and enjoyed the shower. Even with the sprinkles it was a great dinner!

After lowering the flag and evening praise and worship (you could hear the campers singing songs all the way across camp so you can imagine how awesome it was in the chapel) it was time to go back to the Friendship Circle for the rest of our campfire that got interrupted by the rain. We sang songs listened to each group as they performed their cheers and then we made s’mores and sang more songs!

It was a great end to a busy day!

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