Tuesday of Superhero

Today was such a great day! Gorgeous weather, happy campers and so many fun things!

We began the day with polar bear plunge and then it was time for breakfast (French toast and bacon). Morning chapel was next (charity was the ‘C’ of the day).

Our schedule today was totally mixed around. It can be hard to find priests who are available to celebrate mass with us, so whenever we find one, we always say, “any time of day!” and then if we need to move things around on our schedule, we do!

Instead of campers doing their individual activities in the afternoon, we started the day with 3 hours of individual activities. Canoers were out and about and drama was getting their act ready for the talent show. Archery was aiming, paddle boarders were paddling, and swimmers were swimming! The lake was perfect for paddling and the sun was shining. It was perfect camp weather!

Lunch was chicken nuggets, sweet potato fries, and green beans. Then it was off to our cabins for some rest time.

This afternoon was BUSY! After rest time, we had an hour long beach party. The music was bumpin’ and the sun was shining and kids were swimming and it was fantastic! From there, we played a super fun all camp game called Superheroes and Villains. Modeled after our favorite all camp game Angels and Demons, kids had to run around to each super hero to get papers signed, but they had to avoid the villains who were trying to tag them. It was a lot of running, laughing, dodging and very fun!

From there, it was time to come together and have some quiet in the middle of all of the fun. We are not just a community that PLAYS together, we are a community that PRAYS together. Mass is a nice way to slow down and come together in faith- a reminder of the most important reason why we are here.

Dinner was tacos, black beans and spanish rice.

But the fun wasn’t over yet! After prime time (which includes games, camp store time, hanging out in the sky chairs, etc), it was time to head to the Friendship Circle for a campfire! We sang tons of songs each cabin performed their cabin cheer and then we made some yummy s’mores! After everyone had enjoyed a s’more, counselors put on some awesome counselor skits that were hilarious! It was lots of fun!

After that it was time to raise the roof in praise and worship- singing so loud you could probably hear us across the lake!

It was a great day at camp!!

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"CYC means a lot to me, it means growing in faith, having friendships that may last forever and just having fun." - Jennifer

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