Tuesday of Ooey Gooey Week

A living rosary

Here at CYC we take prayer very seriously! That’s one of the reasons why after breakfast we all headed to Sweeney for a living Rosary!

Drawing on our Catholic tradition as well as the energy and creativity of our campers we created a great big "living rosary" and this is how we did it: cabins met after a brief description of the background and purpose of the rosary and came up with an explanation (or a translation) for one of the prayers of the rosary. After everyone had had a chance to prepare we moved around Sweeney and said the rosary with each group having the chance to display their prayer to the rest of he campers.

The activity was a great success! In addition to the prayers each camper was also able to make a one decade rosary out of beads and string. The activity as a whole gave us a chance to share our gifts and talents to help each other grow in faith and virtue! 

Activities and an evening of fun!

Activities this afternoon went very well. Campers in activities that have a role in the talent show (such as drama drumline dance and others) are getting more excited as Thursday draws near and those in other activities (such as boating arts and crafts and swimming) are enjoying the new twists that their staff have come up with for their activity (for instance: in fishing today campers will get to try out all kinds of new bait ideas veggies worms bugs leaves in order to see if any of them work better than others).

This evening we have our weekly campfire. Campers will enjoy stories and s’mores and a fabulous show put on by our counselors. The week is just getting started though. We still have a jello fight some identification challenges and the famous dance party to look forward to!

"I love how every night we do devotions. And Sunset beach is the best place to hang out, and our cabins are very awesome too!!! Sweeney is very fun. We always have the dance party there, which is my favorite thing. They always have fun activities and we always like doing them." - Isabel

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