Tuesday of Disney Week

 Today was such a great day! We began the day with polar bear plunge and then it was time for breakfast (french toast sticks and sasuage).  Morning chapel was next(charity was the ‘C’ of the day) and then two hours of cabin activities. Cabins were canoeing playing sports working on arts and crafts fishing and swimming. The weather was perfect all day- not a cloud in the sky which made for a perfect day at camp!

Before lunch we had Disney stations where cabins did a variety of different challenges such as bowling puzzles and memory games. At CYC the Cabin Spirit Award is handed out at the end of the week to the cabin that uses the 5 Cs has good sportsmanship cheers for each other (and other teams) and has overall great spirit. Based on today the cabins are pretty even because EVERYONE was singing constantly (you could probably hear us across the lake). It was awesome to see so much excitement and camp cheer!

Lunch was hot hamd and cheese sandwiches and chicken noodle soup and then we headed to a much needed rest time! 

This afternoon was gorgeous sunny and a perfect day for being at camp! Campfire cooking make brownies inside of orage peels the canoers were out and about and drama was getting their act ready for the talent show. Archery was aiming the dancers were dancing and swimmers were swimming! It was a busy day!

Dinner was tacos and lemon bars!

Cabin free time after dinner gave cabins a chance to perfect their talent show acts skip rocks at the beach make some craft projects play soccer and relax after a long day. 

Then it was time to head to the Friendship Circle for a campfire! We sang tons of songs each cabin performed their cabin cheer and then we made some yummy s’mores! There were some counselor skits and lots of fun!

After that it was time to raise the roof in praise and worship- singing so loud you could probably hear us across the lake! 

It was a great day at camp!! 

"Not once did I EVER hear put downs. And CYC is the best camp to be at!!! And I bet this year will be even better." - Isabel

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