Tuesday of Crazy Days

The week thus far… 

As we mentioned yesterday on this blog we’ve been experiencing a few technical difficulties and as a result have been unable to post since this week of camp began on Sunday afternoon. Here’s a quick recap of some of the things that have happened since the campers got off the bus.


Campers jumped off the bus and quickly took their places on the field. Many of them since they have been coming for years are very familiar with how we do things at CYC and it was a treat to watch them start singing camp songs almost before they had made a full circle. Those who weren’t on the field or offering to help with luggage were showing the new friends they’d made on the bus (the ones who haven’t been to CYC before) where to get a drink of water or use the bathroom. From day one Crazy Days (which is an all-pathfinder week) has been truly remarkable.


Monday morning always comes early here at camp but this week – with a few changes to the schedule – it didn’t come quite as early. For the entirety of this week we’re letting campers sleep in until 8:30. Polar Bear Plunge (an activity where campers are allowed to jump into the lake just before breakfast) is at 8:15 the rest of the campers get up at 8:30 and breakfast isn’t until 9:00. We’ve already gotten quite a few comments from campers about the new schedule most of them surprised but pleased with the change.

Just after breakfast then campers headed over to the flagpole to raise the flag pledge their allegiance and enter Holy Ground. Holy Ground is our morning chapel time. During this time we hear a saint-of-the-day talk by one of the counselors (Sunday’s saint was Isaac Jogues and yesterday’s was Joan of Arc) and are introduced to the C of the day (Sunday = courage and Monday = cooperation). Campers then sing our fabulous saint-of-the-day song (a modified version of “Oh when the saints”) and are challenged to enact the C of that day in their activities that day. 

In the afternoon campers headed to individual activities. These included the usual camp activities (throwing boating swimming sports etc.) and a few new ones (the bucket drumline for instance).

After dinner delicious chicken parmesan and various pasta salads campers headed out to the field for a sporting tournament. Teams simultaneously played games of ultimate Frisbee field hockey and a variation on beach volleyball. Then came praise and worship and then the camp favorite Angels and Demons.

Monday night ended with an ice cream social (there were root beer floats for everyone) to give our pathfinders a chance to hang out for a bit and socialize. After that it was heads meds and beds and preparations for another day.


Today we have many many activities planned for campers. As I type this there is a group headed out to the Aitkin County fire tower (a special trip which will challenge and exhilarate those cabins who have opted to climb it) this afternoon our two groups of pathfinders will head out to our property on Aitkin Lake for the overnight camp out and those campers who chose not to go will stick around here for an evening of board games snacks karaoke and a variety show.

On Wednesday we’ll hold the “Amazing Race: CYC” and our dance party on Thursday we have our talent show and a movie on the field and on Friday as we’re finishing things up we’ll play capture the flag. The week has so far been one of our favorites here at CYC and we expect that it will continue to be.

We’ll continue to update this blog throughout the week (barring any more difficulties with technology) so keep checking back!!

"When I think of CYC, I think most of all about FUN! CYC is the best camp EVER! Love helps the CYC community tie together as a family. I love all the activities and games and my friends." - Ellie

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