Tuesday All Stars

We did so many fun things it is hard to keep track of it all!

Breakfast morning holy ground (today’s ‘C’ was charity) followed by cabin activities kept us very busy! We did a really fun half camp activity (like an all camp activity but half of the cabins at a time)- there were 5 stations on the field- puzzles mazes ball toss jousting and memory. Cabins rotated through and each station was a new fun adventure. 

In puzzles there were 3D cube puzzles as well as flat wooden puzzles that tested our campers’ skills. In mazes there were 3D mazes made out of foam board that campers had to try to navigate a marble thorugh without dropping the marble through the holes. In ball toss campers got beach balls tennis balls frisbees and bean bags and then tested their aiming skills with different sized buckets that they aimed at. In Jousting there were pegs that held statues and using pool noodles campers battled each other to see who could knock the other person’s statue off first. And with memory there were 8 different shapes painted on tiles and the counselor held up a patten that campers had to repeat using their own sets of tiles. It was a very fun activity!

This afternoon campers were busy with archery/ slingshot/tomahawks fishing dance drama and swimming. The canoers did some "sprint" races to see how fast they could paddle. The campfire cooking group made quesadillas over the campfire. Arts and crafts worked on pillows. Sports groups were getting crazy on the volleyball court and drama groups were busy with talent show preparations!

Dinner was tacos (yum!) and then it was cabin free time. Cabins played soccer chased the camp dogs around the field practiced for the talent show and did some arts and crafts projects. 

After lowering the flag and evening praise and worship (you could hear the campers singing songs all the way across camp so you can imagine how awesome it was in the chapel) it was time for a campfire. We sang songs listened to each group as they performed their cheers and then we made s’mores and sang more songs! It was a great end to a busy day!

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"What camp means to me is learning about God, making friends and having fun. But the most important thing is being yourself. We have lots of fun at camp. The counselors are great, the friends are nice, the themes are awesome, and the games rule! When I grow too old to come to camp I want to be a camp counselor, but for now, I will enjoy the fun at camp. See you this year!" - Josh

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