Tuesday Afternoon of OPC

The caravan arrives!

This afternoon just after our second scheduled activity a caravan pulled into camp; a caravan of military vehicles! The excitement was palpable as campers strained to get a glimpse of one of the military trucks (one of which was carrying Frank the Tank). Soon soldiers were meeting and greeting the children and we had moved into the next phase of the afternoon.

Military activities led by soldiers give the kids here at OPC a chance to learn more about military gear and equipment and work closely with military personel. This afternoon kids were examining night vision goggles and gps systems. Now they’re making flags from popsicle sticks and joining their counselors in some field games. Later tonight the soldiers will be leading a panel discussion at the fire circle and giving the campers a chance to try out some of the night vision goggles that they’ve been looking at this afternoon.

As promised mud pit pictures have been uploaded to our website!

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