Thursday of Teen Takeover Week: Color Wars

Our last full day of camp was possibly the best yet! What a great day!!

Breakfast was sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches and then it was time for morning chapel. Our ‘C’ of the day was community- which is fitting because throughout the week we’ve been using all of the C’s to build an awesome, fun, respectful and encouraging community. CYC is definitely the best place to be because of our community.

After breakfast, campers had fun in activities, and then they finished up making their boats for the boat race at the swim beach and launched them from one dock to the next! The red team and the blue team each made two different boats. One was out of just cardboard and a single roll of duct tape, while the second one allowed for more creativity. Teams used beach balls, noodles, and more. It was a ton of fun!

Lunch was sloppy joes, fries, peas, salad bar, and fruit. Yum!

After rest time, activities were in full swing. canoers/kayakers, paddle boaters and paddle boarders were enjoying paddling around the Big Sandy Lake, archery was hitting those bulls eyes and the sun came out in the afternoon and swimmers were LOVING the lake! AND, right before dinner, we had our last team challenge! The challenge was to blow up two watermelons before the other team by putting rubber bands around them. BUT, in order to get a bag of rubber bands, campers had to race to fill up three buckets FULL of water using sponges soaked in water from anywhere around camp. It was definitely a fun and intense finale team challenge.

Dinner was a special meal- chicken breast, rice medley, broccoli, salad bar, fruit, and rice krispie bars! We all got dressed up and sat at at a long table that was pre-set for everybody. It was an elegant, great bonding experience. After dinner we had prime time, and then the much-awaited dance party!!! We almost danced the night away.


A full day but we weren’t done yet! After chapel we had a recognition ceremony where each camper received a bead necklace representing one of the 5 Cs (courage, charity, community, cooperation and Christ). We listened to a story that explained the meaning of the 5 Cs and walked by torch light to the campfire circle to celebrate each camper. It was a powerful way to end our week.

Whew! What a great final full day of camp! We look forward to seeing the parents who are coming to our closing program tomorrow (which will begin at 1:15pm). Thank you for leaving your pets at home.

If your camper is riding the bus home, we will return to the Roseville Professional Center around 5pm.

"CYC is a great place to have fun, make friends, and share your faith. At camp, you can make a new friend almost anywhere like during activities, around the campfire, or in your cabin. If you get homesick, you’ll have nice friends and understanding counselors to help you out. You won’t need to worry about it too much because you’ll be having fun all day. No matter where you are, fishing, swimming, or playing soccer, you’ll be having a great time. CYC rocks!" - Joe

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