Thursday of Week 1

Today has been such a fun day at Catholic Youth Camp. Our morning was full of fun activities. Following cabin activities, our entire camp gathered in Indian Point to turn our eyes to the stage for our CYC talent show. The list of campers signed up for the talent was so long, as our campers this week are so talented in song, dance, and skits. The dance class danced, the 2 drama classes performed skits, Eamonn sang a solo, Finn played the keyboard, it was a full show!

Lunch was pizza and caesar salad.

After lunch, we headed into another afternoon of individual activities. On the last day of individual activities, it is clear to see how much fun our campers have been having throughout the week. The quickened routine of lifejackets and pushing off of the shore has given our boating groups time to play many fun games out on the lake. Our campers in arts and crafts finished up their final touches on paintings, drawings, and bracelets. And tek was filled with laughter and song as our dancing group reflected on their talent show performance.

Dinner was turkey, mashed potatoes, corn and salad, with chocolate cake for dessert.
Following dinner and praise and worship, our campers attended the Catholic Youth Camp bead ceremony. During the ceremony, we reflected on the five Cs of CYC: community, charity, cooperation, courage, and Christ. Lead staff read the story of the five travelers who traveled the world in search of the key to life, finding that they were the five Cs. Our campers were given necklaces with beads, indicating their dedication to living out the five Cs here at camp and in the world as they leave CYC tomorrow.

At the end of the bead ceremony, campers were given the opportunity to add leaves onto our C Tree. Each leaf represented an act that revealed community, charity, courage, cooperation, or Christ here at camp. These acts were seen in campers throughout the week. This tradition gave campers the chance to offer thanks and love to their new friends, friends that played a role in bringing them closer to The Cross this week. The bead ceremony provided for a wonderful last evening together as we commemorated an amazing group of campers who will carry the legacy of CYC’s five Cs out into the world with them.

It’s been such an awesome first week and we are sad that the campers are leaving tomorrow. We are happy to still have a full morning ahead for many fun things!

"When I think of CYC, I think most of all about FUN! CYC is the best camp EVER! Love helps the CYC community tie together as a family. I love all the activities and games and my friends." - Ellie

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