Thursday of the Game of CYC

 It was our last full day of camp this week and so we crammed as much goodness as we could possibly cram into a day! 

Cabins started the day with chapel and then two cabin activities. There was a lot of canoeing swimming shooting archery and many more fun things. For our all camp activity campers got to play Skinny Hippos. Have you ever played the game HUngry HIppos? The object of that game is for your hippo to "eat" as many marbles as possible. Whoever has the most wins! In Skinny Hippos each group had a triangle on the field. When the whistle blew campers had to try to throw as many balls into other cabins’ triangles. When the whistle blew a second time everyone had to freeze. Whichever cabin had the least number of marbles would win! 

In the second round campers had to sit and couldn’t move out of their place. In round three they could stand but had to close their eyes. It was a VERY fun game but a VERY hot day so afterwards we all headed to Sunset Beach and played a game where we dumped buckets of water on the counselors and the counselors got to dump buckets of water on the campers. In the end everyone was wet and cooled down!

After lunch (meatball subs!) the it was a great day to have an archery/throwing tomahawk/slingshot competition canoe groups to tip into the lake and learn to rescue the sports group to compete the fishing group to make fishing poles out of pop cans and the swim group to go swimming. The drama group and dance groups were busy with last minute rehearsal for the talent show and the campfire cooking group made dutch oven bread!

At break time counselors took out the hose and sprayed water into the air. Campers ran through the water and once again cooled down. It was a VERY hot and sunny day but SO fun to get wet over and over again!

After dinner we were headed to the Friendship Circle for the FANTASTIC TALENT SHOW! There was singing dancing skits and jokes! It was a great show!

Tonight cabins are enjoying one more night together. As this is being typed cabins are busy packing sharing memories of the week and having fun before falling asleep.

It’s been a great week and we don’t want to see our campers go!

"CYC to me is a fun, uplifting, and spiritual camp for kids of all ages. Every morning there I wake up with a smile on my face, and I am like ā€œ YESSSSS Iā€™m still here!!!ā€ I never want to leave. CYC has outrageous counselors there that give courage to be yourself and to love and adore God!" - Isabel

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