Thursday of Stars and Stripes Week

 Our last full day of camp was possibly the best yet! What a great day!!

Breakfast was egg bake and breakfast potatoes and then it was time for morning chapel. Our ‘C’ of the day was community- which is fitting because throughout the week we’ve been using all of the C’s to build an awesome fun respectful encouraging community. CYC is definitely the best place to be because of our community. 

Our morning all camp activity was a two part adventure! Earlier this week cabins decorated canoes and kayaks and today it was time for canoe parade! Counselors paddled the decorated canoes while campers enjoyed the parade from Sunset Beach. The head marshal leading the way in the lead canoe was none other than our very own camp dog Olivia! Fun fact- bulldogs sink in the water so safety first she was rocking her lifejacket!

After the parade everyone headed to the beach for the cardboard boat regatta. Earlier this week cabins built a boat out of cardboard and today one representative from each cabin paddled their cardboard boats across the beach. B3’s boat stayed put together the whole race and Mollie lead her cabin to victory with her expert paddling!

Lunch was hot meatball sandwiches (another camp favorite!) and then it was time for an hour of rest. 

Activities were in full swing after rest time. The dance and drama groups were busy rehearsing and perfecting their acts for the big show canoers were enjoying a long paddle on the lake campfire cooking made ice cream and apple cobbler arts and crafts made string bowls fishing was out on the boat looking for the hot spots and archery was hitting those bulls eyes.

Dinner was chicken quesadillas and then it was time for Founding Fathers relay races. Campers competed in a variety of relays including assembling giant flag puzzles (the Betsy Ross Flag creation challenge) the Abe Lincoln Log Cabin race (campers had to do jumping jacks run and then use sticks to assemble mini log cabins) Alexander Graham Bell Telephone a Boston Tea Party challenge (they had to throw "boxes of tea" into buckets their counselors were holding) and had to cross the Delaware without getting hit by a wave (a sponge). Everyone had a lot of fun and cheered for their cabinmates!

And then it was time for the fantastic talent show! And what a show it was! We have the most talented campers around and the Thursday talent show was proof of that! It was a great show with lots of laughs and much entertainment. There were skits comedy dance singing and even some magic.

A full day but we weren’t done yet! After chapel we had a recognition ceremony where each camper received a bead necklace representing one of the 5 Cs (courage charity community cooperation and Christ). We listened to a story that explained the meaning of the 5 Cs and walked by torch to the campfire circle to celebrate each camper. It was a powerful way to end our week. 

Whew! What a great final full day of camp! We look forward to seeing the parents who are coming to our closing program tomorrow (which will begin at 1:15pm). Thank you for leaving your pets at home. 

"CYC to me is a fun, uplifting, and spiritual camp for kids of all ages. Every morning there I wake up with a smile on my face, and I am like ā€œ YESSSSS Iā€™m still here!!!ā€ I never want to leave. CYC has outrageous counselors there that give courage to be yourself and to love and adore God!" - Isabel

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