Thursday of OPC

 Our last full day of camp was possibly the best yet! What a great day!!

Breakfast was omelets and then it was time to raise the flag and kick off the day with morning activities. Groups were canoeing fishing and playing sports. And then it was time for one of our favorite things- the mud pit! Cabins competed in tug-o-war over our giant sloppy mud pit. But the real fun comes afterwards when each cabin has the chance to jump in the mud pit and get COVERED in ooey gooey messy mud. Some campers went in just a little bit and some slid in head first! Almost everyone ended up with some mud on them. Once everyone was good and messy we all headed down to the beach to wash off. 

Lunch was mac and cheese and hot dogs (another camp favorite!) rest time and then it was on to afternoon activities. The dance and drama groups were busy rehearsing and perfecting their acts for the big show canoers were enjoying a long paddle on the lake campfire cooking made banana boats (banana with lots of yummy toppings baked over the fire) arts and crafts made string bowls fishing was out on the boat looking for the hot spots and archery was hitting those bulls eyes. The newspaper was finishing up their stories and working on layout and the swimmers were enjoying a gorgeous sunny day. 

Dinner was baked potatoes and chili and then it was time for a little cabin free time. Some cabins were getting ready for the talent show some were playing speedball some played volleyball but all were excited for the upcoming talent show.

Before the talent show began we did another great OPC activity- Operation Purple Bingo! Another great chance to get to know each other and find all of the things we have in common. And then it was time for the big show! And oh what a show it was! We have the most talented campers around and the Thursday talent show was proof of that! It was a great show with lots of laughs and much entertainment.

Whew! What a great final full day of camp! We look forward to seeing the parents who are coming to our closing program tomorrow (which will begin at 1:15pm). Thank you for leaving your pets at home. 

"To me Catholic Youth Camp is a place I can be myself and know others will not judge me. Plus it is a place where I can learn more about my religion and proclaim it to the world freely." - JP

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