Thursday of Ooey Gooey Week

Ooey gooey relays and all-camp swim…

This morning after our delicious breakfast of french toast we all headed out to the field for some ooey gooey relays. Campers and staff participated in several relays that tested quickness accuracy and overall ability to withstand extreme stickiness. Here’s an overview of a few of the relays: 

The soapy noodle relay

Campers got into a line and had to pass noodles that had been mixed into soapy water down the line and into a second bucket. After two minutes of passing staff went around to each bucket and judged who had successfully transported the most noodles. If this doesn’t sound tricky try it next time you make some noodles for dinner: dish soap makes noodles almost impossible to hold!

The egg toss

A little twist on an old classic during this challenge campers had to toss eggs back and forth backing up every time they successfully passed the egg between them. Impressively the winners of this challenge were throwing the eggs (and catching them) from about the length of two school buses away. It was incredible to watch!

Pied in the face

This challenge was for the counselors — and it is exactly what it sounds like. Each counselor was given a couple of pies and — to the cheers of their cabins — got the chance to pie one of the lead staff in the face. By the end of the challenge lead staff were completely covered in the whipped cream and peanut butter pies.

Afternoon activities and a full evening…

After lunch then campers returned to their individual activities. Three individual activities (that’s what we’ve decided upon here at CYC) gives campers plenty of chances to try out new ones without giving them too much to do each day (we keep them busy)!

This evening we will hold our talent show (from the sign up it looks like it’ll be a great one!) then praise and worship (always a favorite) and finally the jello fight.

The jello fight is an annual event here — something that none of the campers or staff (even the ones on break) are willing to miss. Lead staff spent plenty of time this afternoon making vats of jello and campers will have the chance tonight to hurl it at their counselors lead staff and their friends. Afterwards we’ll all clean off in the lake and head in to showers. Then it’s off to bed (and already the end of the week).

Ooey gooey week has been an especially fun-filled week here at CYC. With all of the special events the regular (and excellent) activities and an incredible group of kids — the time has really flown by. Soon it will be the parent ceremony and then campers will head into their minivans or onto the bus and head back home. But they’ll be back next year and we’ll make sure things are even ooier and gooier for their return!!

"To me, CYC is a place where I can really be myself and make new friends. At CYC, I feel safe and happy. The counselors at camp have inspired me. I feel closer to God since my experience at CYC." - Anna

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