Thursday of Amazing Race

 What a fantastic day! Gorgeous weather tons of activities and happy campers everywhere!

This morning after breakfast chapel (‘C’ of the day is community!) and cabin activities it was time for another AMAZING race challenge!! And this one was a doozie! 

  • 2 campers canoed out to collect 3 bags on the swim docks and in a canoe in the middle of the lake. When all bags are collected campers come back and run them to next group.
  • 2 Campers will open the bags to uncover frisbees which each had a letter on it. Campers will unscramble the letters on the  paddles to reveal a word (the word was ‘electricity’).
  • 2 campers will then go to the field where there will be piles of items they will have to count. There was a pile of pool noodles (16) plates (28) fish in a bucket (11) a staff photo from 1987 (there were 27 staff in the photo) seashells (24 of them). Campers had to count the piles and then give all the numbers to Natalie. If they missed a number they had to go back and re-count all the piles. Once the campers got all the correct numbers Natalie gave the team a piece of paper with a combination on it which opened a lock at the archery range for the next 2 campers to unlock a water cannon.
  • Those two campers had to shoot 9 coffee filters which had their color targets on them. The targets were in washable marker which when hit with water revealed letters written on them (the letters were in sharpie marker). They had to unscramble the letters to reveal the word ‘community’ and then they could go onto the next leg of the race. 
  • The final leg of this race was a puzzle. Two campers had to use 7 boxes to build a pyramid- each box had different colored symbols on each side. Inside of the lodge there was a master pyramid. 2 campers could look at it and had to tell the other two how to build the same one outside. The builder campers couldn’t look at the master puzzle and the looker campers couldn’t see the builder puzzle. It was an intense challange! 

After many hard losses the purple team finally came in first in the puzzle! 

Lunch was quesadillas and then it was a short rest and then it was back to individual activities where each activity was busy swimming canoeing playing sports finalizing plans for the dance and drama at the talent show tonight cooking apple pie over the campfire in cooking and making puppets in arts and crafts! 

Dinner was meatball subs and then it was time for our last challenge. In this challenge campers had to retrieve bags of coins from 5 different areas- the swim beach a kiddie pool of jello the sand in the volleyball court a pit of slime and the mudpit. Once all coins had been collected the final two campers had to unscramble the letters on each coin to reveal a phrase. There were letters on both sides of the coins making it harder but eventually all groups solved it- "The Amazing CYC Race"

The blue team came in first in the challenge which put them over the edge to win the Sweeney Cup! Tomorrow we will award the cup at the final ceremony!

After praise and worship tonight campers will head to the friendship circle for the FANTASTIC talent show! There are songs to be sung dances to be danced and lots of skits. It is sure to be an amazing show!!

We’re having a blast and we don’t want the week to end. So this week we have a special late night movie! Campers are watching ‘Monsters University’ and eating popcorn before they head off to bed. 

Whew! What a busy day!

If you are coming to the parent ceremony tomorrow it will begin promptly at 1:15pm and we appreciate you leaving your pets at home. 

The bus will be back to Cambridge at 4:15 Roseville around 5:15pm.

We will see you tomorrow!! 

"Not once did I EVER hear put downs. And CYC is the best camp to be at!!! And I bet this year will be even better." - Isabel

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