Thursday- Multi Adventure Challenge Week

 It was our last full day of camp this week and so we crammed as much goodness as we could possibly cram into a day! 

Cabins started the day with chapel and then their first cabin activities. There was a lot of canoeing swimming shooting archery and many more fun things. And then it was time for another challenge! Here’s how it worked today-

1.     Table- 2 campers will hold a platform to create a table. Platform must be held at waist level. This leg of the race will begin in Sweeney.

2.     Tower- 2 campers will use plastic cups to build a tower to a certain height. The tower must reach the assigned height before this leg can be completed.

3.     Stick- 2 campers will use pieces of string and sticks to make a longer stick they will use to retrieve 4 rings. This leg of the race will take place at the archery range.

4.     Ring Toss- 2 campers will use the rings to toss the rings onto cones. They must get the rings onto the cones before they can move on to the next round.

5.    Puzzle pieces- 2 campers will pull a bag from Sunset beach onto the shore and then carry it to the Welcome Sign where they will unpack the puzzle pieces.

6.     Puzzle- 2 campers will assemble the puzzle.

It was an intense race with a dramatic ending. The yellow team was in last place the whole time but came back to win it by completing their puzzle first! Amazing!

After lunch (stuffed crust pizza!) the it was a great day to have an archery/throwing tomahawk/slingshot competition canoe groups to tip into the lake and learn to rescue the sports group to compete the fishing group to make fishing poles out of pop cans and the swim group to go swimming. The drama group and dance groups were busy with last minute rehearsal for the talent show and the campfire cooking group made dutch oven bread!

After dinner we were ready for another challenge. This time it was testing campers’ memory! Here’s how it worked- 4 campers from each cabin were the "lookers". They had 3 minutes to memorize a scene that we had created. Once their time was up they had to send the rest of their cabin all around camp to find the items in the scene (a kayak an arrow a pair of scissors etc). When all items had been collected the lookers directed the rest of the cabin how to arrange the scene. If they needed to look at the scene a second time they had to take a 2 minute penalty. The lead staff were STICKLERS for every detail so it took a few tries but ultimately the green team came in first!

After the challenge we headed to the Friendship Circle for the FANTASTIC TALENT SHOW! There was singing dancing skits and jokes! It was a great show!

And of course we had to add in a little more fun so tonight campers are enjoying a special movie night complete with popcorn! 

It’s been a great week and we don’t want to see our campers go! We still have time for more fun tomorrow and we will make the most of it!

"When I think of CYC, I think most of all about FUN! CYC is the best camp EVER! Love helps the CYC community tie together as a family. I love all the activities and games and my friends." - Ellie

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