Teen Take Over Wednesday Afternoon

Teen Take Over Wednesday was full of messy activities. Our kids ended a day having ventured into mud, noodles, cold water, and lots of chocolate. While that may sound gross, our campers loved it; because Wednesday was mud pit day and our Red and Blue teams played against one another in a game of fear factor.  

At the mud pit, cabins played many games of tug-a-war. The mud pit was located right in the center of the rope, so that the losing cabin got the treat of being pulled into the mud. After games of tug-a-war ceased, the campers took turns jumping into the mud pit, rolling around and swimming through until they had collected the perfect amount of mud. After their last jumps into the pit, we all headed down to the lake to wash off before changing for lunch.


The afternoon was filled with a game of fear factor that involved some sweet challenges…and by sweet, they ate chocolate, bananas, and gummy worms. The Red and Blue team kicked off the challenges by sending up four contestants to move goldfish from one plate to another using only their mouths. Next the teams pulled beads out of a bucket of cold water…with their toes. They dug through chocolate pudding to pull out gummy worms using only their mouth, and most of them seemed to enjoy this challenge the most. They dug through “brains” to see which team could gather the most pennies.

Fear Factor Challenge

Following dinner, the teens danced and hung out on the deck during our all-camp dance party, where they created desert at an ice cream bar filled with vanilla ice cream, brownies, cookies, and chocolate syrup. The Red team won the fear factor challenge, but both teams danced together with so much joy and energy. The challenges and dance were filled with laughter, many gasps, and long showers to end the day.

Dance Party

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