Teen Take Over Tuesday

Teen Take Over Tuesday has been just as cool as it sounds, because our campers and staff have been in the water all throughout the day. This morning, before polar bear plunge, our campers were busy choosing from a few fun activities to kick off their day: paddle boarding, coffee and conversations, and karate with our Black Belt counselor Chris as the instructor. After coffee or a good work out, the campers were ready to venture into a day full of fun challenges and activities.

Morning Karate

Before lunch, the campers enjoyed themselves at an all-camp beach party on the shore of Lake Sandy. And after lunch, they went to their individual activities. On only the second day, the arrows are landing closer to the bullseye in archery. The tomahawks are sticking to the targets. A play for the talent show is coordinated and being rehearsed. The shelf in the art hall is already half-way filled with ongoing craft projects. And our boaters and fishermen are loving their sunny afternoons on the water.


Our Red and Blue teams competed once again in another series of challenges. Today, the Blue team finishing victorious. The teams headed down to the swim beach for sponge games. They tossed sponges to one another, into goals, and finished the challenges with a game of sponge dodgeball before dinner.

Sponge Dodge Ball

 Later in the evening, the entire camp came together for a campfire, where we roasted s’mores and enjoyed a counselor show that left everyone laughing. As friendship circle filled with the scent of marshmallows, we sang and danced to our favorite camp songs.

Camp Fire

We ended our day back at the flagpole, where we lowered the flag and headed into the chapel for another amazing night of praise and worship. After singing praises and letting the s’mores settle, our campers headed off to cabin devotionals and to get some rest in preparation for another fun day at Catholic Youth Camp!

Posted by Media and Marketing Relations Coordinator Josie Soehnge

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