Teen Take Over Monday

The first full day of camp is nearing its end for our teens this week. Dozens of memories and friendships have already been made as the sun goes down over Big Sandy Lake and everyone sleeps more soundly in a now familiar cabin. Rest comes easy tonight, as the day was filled with activities, conversations, and puzzles that kept both the Red and Blue teams fast at play.

Our day started early, at 7:30 a.m, with a variety of morning activities to choose from before polar bear plunge. Campers were able to go for a morning run down the shores of Lake Sandy with Counselor Frankie. Counselor Natalie led the Rosary on Sunset Beach while the birds were still chirping. Counselors Lauren and Mary took a group of campers out on the water to paddle board. A fishing group cast their lines out into the morning water from the dock while other campers chose to start their morning off with coffee and good conversations in the Sweeney Lodge.   

Coffee and Conversations

A quick jump into Big Sandy Lake, our polar bear plunge, ended our morning activities and sent our campers getting ready for breakfast. The smell of french toast sticks filled the room as campers traded exciting stories about their fun morning, a morning that has gracefully turned “everyone” into an early bird.   

Following breakfast, we headed to the chapel to begin our day with a new “C” word: community. After discussing our call to community as Catholics, we left the chapel for our cabin activities with a challenge to begin building a strong community of teens during Teen Take Over Week.

The campers began building their cabin communities before lunch by tie-dying t-shirts and painting their cabin flags, all while coming up with their cabin chants, songs, and themes. As the flags dried, we all headed to lunch to fuel up for an afternoon of archery, swimming, canoeing, and a tricky team challenge.

Cabin Spirit

After individual activities, the camp divided into its two teams: Red and Blue. The teams were sent on a challenge to collect wooden pieces throughout camp. The pieces fit together as a puzzle, but could only be attained by solving riddles and working through obstacles as a team, as a community. Our Red team won, with the blue team right behind.

Survivor Challenge

The evening was made up of flashes of red and blue as our two teams raced to win an exciting game of Angels and Demons before Praise and Worship. The island of Catholic Youth Camp was filled with the sound of voices singing beautiful praises to the Lord, accompanied by guitar strums and the warmth of new friendships. We ended praise and worship with hugs, smiles, and eagerly headed off to showers and bed, with the hope that tomorrow morning comes soon.   

Praise and Worship

Angels and Demons

Posted by Media and Marketing Relations Coordinator Josie Soehnge

"When I think of CYC, I think most of all about FUN! CYC is the best camp EVER! Love helps the CYC community tie together as a family. I love all the activities and games and my friends." - Ellie

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