Special Update- Joe the Crow

When the campers come home and talk about Joe the Crow you’ll know what we are talking about! 

Move over camp dogs there’s a new camp mascot and his name is Joe. And yes as the title suggests he is a crow. 

Before camp began there was a crow on the ground near Director Natalie’s house. Director Natalie is VERY sensitive when it comes to animals (if you’ve ever seen her with the bulldogs you know she is a little silly!). She yelled for Property Manager Tom to come over and help the crow (because obviously that is the "other duties as assigned" part of his job). Tom happens to be an animal lover as well and he picked the crow up and brought him home (Tom lives down the road from camp). For the next few weeks Tom nursed the crow back to health and fed him by hand. 

When the crow was strong and healthy Tom let him go back into the wild. Except that the crow had decided Tom was his new dad! And so every day when Tom drives down to camp on his 4wheeler the crow follows. Tom named the crow Joe and Joe has been hanging out at camp. At meal time he sits on the deck and waits for Tom. When Tom cuts the grass Joe rides along on the steering wheel of the riding mower. 

Joe is getting used to the kids (probably because he is getting fed a lot of yummy snacks and meal scraps– did you know crows love taco shells?!). So now Joe hangs out at the sprots field archery and by the art barn. He’ll land on your arm if you stick it out and he lets campers pet him. He is a very friendly crow!

Diirector Natalie with Joe the Crow. 

Check out some videos of Joe the Crow hanging out with campers- 




"To me, CYC is a place where I can really be myself and make new friends. At CYC, I feel safe and happy. The counselors at camp have inspired me. I feel closer to God since my experience at CYC." - Anna

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