Scoring and Team Updates!

 Today’s ADVENTURE CHALLENGE was OUTSTANDING! We are working on the video as we speak! The teams were filled with spirit focused on competition and it was an exciting morning!

Some of you are unsure of which team is which so here is a list so you can root for your camper!!

Green Team- AKA the 14.5 Men


Current Score 300 points

Counselors: Maddy and Cassie

Campers: Carolyn B Erin C Celia G Olivia G Jaclyn J Hallie K Emily K Brooke L Lauren L Kailee M Maggie M and Bekah P!


Blue Team: AKA the Blues Brothers

Current Score 200 points

Counselors- Will and Ben

Campers: Ben B Daniel C Josh C Mikey C Cole L Jonathan M John M Greg O Isaac R!!

Red Team- AKA Women of God


Current Score 300 points


Counselors: Kindra and Emma

Campers: Natalia B Ale D Julia D Alissa D Becca F Anna G Olivia L Grace M Elizabeth S Rachel V Maia W


Yellow Team- AKA the Yellow Fujis: 


Current Score 200 points

Counselors: Chelsea and Erin

Campers: Bella A Jordan B Ellie C Hannah C Grace D Addie HS Lauren M Kellan M Lizzi O Olivia R Cambria V


"I love how every night we do devotions. And Sunset beach is the best place to hang out, and our cabins are very awesome too!!! Sweeney is very fun. We always have the dance party there, which is my favorite thing. They always have fun activities and we always like doing them." - Isabel

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