Outta This Wednesday!

 What a busy day at CYC!

There were so many things going on today! There were the usual great things like cabin activities and individual activities but also some exciting things that were just a little different than usual.

This morning the all-camp activity was an ultra-fun set of outta this world themed relays. There was the dizzy dress up (campers had to spin around and then get dressed in costumes run down and hand off to the next teammate pass the hula hoop and many more. It was competitive but one of the things we focus on most at CYC is that the most important thing (even more important than winning) is cheering for your team supporting each other as we try new things being a good sport and having cabin spirit. All of those things were on display today and all of the groups won!

Our ‘C’ of the day was Christ. Not only are we a community that PLAYS together we are a community that PRAYS together. Father Drew from Grand Rapids joined us this afternoon and we took some time away from the crazy silly camp activities and celebrated Mass together. 

After dinner (Spaghetti!) we rotated through outta this world stations and did activities all over camp. One station was making oobleck (which is basically homemade slime) one station had kids making your own planet bouncy balls… it was OUT OF THIS WORLD!

For our final activity of the evening we turned on the disco ball blasted the music and let loose at the FABULOUS dance party! And you better believe these kids can dance! 

Whew! Are you tired from reading all of that? We have had a JAM PACKED day of fun! 

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"To me, CYC is a place where I can really be myself and make new friends. At CYC, I feel safe and happy. The counselors at camp have inspired me. I feel closer to God since my experience at CYC." - Anna

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