Olympics Wednesday

Today has been amazing here at Catholic Youth Camp. Our C of the day was Christ, and we discussed a very important quality of Christ: humility. After a little singing and challenging our campers to live humbly today, our Olympians began a morning of cabin and individual activities right after Holy Ground. Their week of practice and fun will make for a great talent show tomorrow!


We also got the chance to come together for Mass this afternoon. The Mass was beautiful, and our campers got to experience the miracle of the Eucharist right here at camp. The chapel was filled with prayer and song as we celebrated our faith as the CYC community.


Following mass, our campers headed out to another day of individual activities! Our fishing group has been having a blast fishing off of the pontoon this week! The arrows are landing closer and closer to the bullseye in archery. The tomahawks are sticking to the throwing board. And our canoeing class is perfecting the art of canoe tipping!

Paddle Boarding


This evening, the entire camp gathered around the fire pit at friendship circle for an old tradition– the counselor show! Laughter filled the woods as our campers watched skits performed by our fantastic counselors! At the counselor show, the campers also performed their cabin cheers. The cabin spirit is amazing this week at CYC! The counselor show was especially sweet tonight, as we roasted marshmallows for s’mores.

After we ate our s’mores, we headed to the chapel to end our day with another amazing night of praise and worship.

Posted by Media and Marketing Relations Coordinator Josie Soehnge

"I love how every night we do devotions. And Sunset beach is the best place to hang out, and our cabins are very awesome too!!! Sweeney is very fun. We always have the dance party there, which is my favorite thing. They always have fun activities and we always like doing them." - Isabel

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