Olympics Monday

Olympics Monday has been a such a blast at Catholic Youth Camp. We began the day at 7:15 a.m. with Polar Bear Plunge in the lake, where our early birds chose to jump off of the docks before getting ready for breakfast. Following french toast sticks and fruit, we headed to the chapel to begin our day with the raising of the flag and Holy Ground.

Polar Bear Plunge

During Holy Ground, counselor Lauren discussed our second C of the week: community. We have an amazing community here at CYC, and our campers have done so many fun things today to make their cabin communities special! Our cabins headed to cabin activities after Holy Ground, where they participated in a variety of activities: fire and fort building, arts and crafts, paddle boarding, throwing, and sports.


Following cabin activities, our Olympians competed in track and field events. Among the events were: sprints, long distance, running, throwing, and jumping. After a fun morning of cabin activities and Olympic events, our campers came together to tie-dye t-shirts and paint their cabin flags. As they painted their flags, they came up with mascots, themes, cheers, and songs to build their cabin communities. The cabin spirit is on fire this week.

Olympic Track and Field

Olympic Track and Field

Tie-Dye and Flag Painting

After lunch, our campers spent their afternoons in their chosen individual activities. Here, the campers got to have fun outdoors practicing many skills: rangers, archery, canoeing, kayaking, drama, and many other exciting activities. Later in the evening, the entire camp came together for a game of Angels and Demons before ending the day with a wonderful night of Praise and Worship.   

Posted by Media and Marketing Relations Coordinator Josie Soehnge

"What camp means to me is learning about God, making friends and having fun. But the most important thing is being yourself. We have lots of fun at camp. The counselors are great, the friends are nice, the themes are awesome, and the games rule! When I grow too old to come to camp I want to be a camp counselor, but for now, I will enjoy the fun at camp. See you this year!" - Josh

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