Ninja Warrior Dry Land Obstacle Course

This morning, our campers came together to compete in a Ninja Warrior Dryland Obstacle Course. Our field was filled from one end to the other with obstacles and challenges designed to test and practice our Ninja Warrior skills. Our campers crawled, jumped, and ran through the field, attempting to beat the fastest time.

At the beginning of the course, our ninjas had to balance as they walked across a plank! At the end of the plank, there was a series of poles through which the ninjas had to weave through.

After darting through the poles, our ninjas crawled through a tunnel to reach the net. Once at the net, the ninjas dropped to the ground and army crawled to the other side. When the ninjas jumped back onto their feet, they left the ground and had to jump from one wooden ninja block to the next! As they strided through the air, they prepared for a series of hurdles. They jumped over and crawled under hurdles, a little over halfway through the course.

Next, our ninjas ran through a line of staggered tires. The ninjas speedily put one foot in each tire as they raced towards the island hoppers, where they jumped from one X to the next. At the end of the island hoppers, they balanced across the final plank. After the ninjas jumped off of the last plank, they finished the remaining length of the field in a sprint. At the end of the field, they jumped onto the island of victory, having completed the Ninja Warrior Dryland Obstacle Course!


Our ninjas are becoming more stealth, agile, and warrior-like already! We can’t wait to see their ninja skills at the end of the week!  

Posted by Media and Marketing Relations Coordinator Josie Soehnge

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