Happy Monday! This weekend was a very exciting weekend! Yesterday Palm Sunday was the start of Holy Week! You can click here for a quick video all about Holy Week and how important it is! 

I have also come across this super sweet blog called Catholic Icing! What I want to share with all of you is that they have two wonderful Palm Sunday activities! The first one you can click here for a how to fold your own cross Palm.  How do you display your Palms at home? My mom and Grandma taught me a really easy way to braid Palms it reminds me of the way that some of our campers do lanyards.  SEE! 










Second I am not sure how many of you blog readers are Instagram users but BIG NEWS! Pope Francis has joined Instagram! And incase you didn’t know CYC is officially Pope approved! Check out the photo! 

  Hope you all have a fantastic Holy Week! I will see you back here tomorrow for Tell Us Tuesday! 


Happy Monday! 

"Not once did I EVER hear put downs. And CYC is the best camp to be at!!! And I bet this year will be even better." - Isabel

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