Monday- Specialty Camp

 What a great first full day of camp! Campers and counselors were BUSY having fun today!

Bright and early at 7:15 a few brave souls headed down to the beach to start their day by jumping in the lake. Polar bear plunge is chilly but a great way to start the day! Breakfast was pancakes and bacon morning chapel introduced our ‘C’ of the day (cooperation) and then it was time for 2 hours of cabin activities. The cabins were busy with skits arts and crafts fishing archery and playing some intense soccer. 

After morning cabin activities it was time for their first individual activity that they signed up for last night. Each activity brings together boys and girls from different cabins. Individual activity periods last one hour each and campers will do the same two activities each day. Arts and crafts archery/tomahawk/slingshot canoe/kayak fishing dance drama sports swimming campfire cooking and choir. It was a great start to the week!

Lunch was pulled pork sandwiches french fries fruit and veggies. Afterwards an hour of quiet rest time was just what everyone needed to recharge for the afternoon. 

After rest time it was time for specialty activities. Each camper is signed up for either archery art canoe or drama. Specialty activities meet for two hours each day and get to dig a little deeper into those programs than the usual one hour activity time. Today the drama group divided into two smaller groups and discussed the skits they will be performing. The art group worked on string art (hammering nails into a pattern and then wrapping string around it to create a design. The archery group started out with basic archery and tomahawk skills- perfecting their aim for later in the week. And the canoe group began with basic canoe skills to get ready for a long paddle trip later this week. 

Dinner was lasagna garlic bread salad veggies and cookies. Our cooks are the best! After dinner it was time for tie dye! All of the campers got to twist and tie their shirts and then pick our their colors to ensure that we have gorgeous shirts to wear on Friday. At the same time as tie dye cabins were also busy painting team flags and coming up with cabin cheers. 

At praise and worship campers were singing so loud you could probably hear them from across the lake! This is an enthusiastic and excited group of campers! After praise and worship it was time for our favorite camp game- Angels and Demons. Campers are divided into two teams. Campers have to run through the forest and go to each of the three angels stationed throughout the woods. Campers get little scraps of paper signed at each station and once they have all 3 they bring it back and put it in their team bucket. Whichever team has the most at the end wins! BUT there are also demons scattered through the forest and if they tag the campers the campers have to give up their paper and try again. You have to be fast or you have to be clever to sneak around the demons. Either way it is a blast and everyone loves this game! 

It’s been a great day at CYC! 

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"To me Catholic Youth Camp is a place I can be myself and know others will not judge me. Plus it is a place where I can learn more about my religion and proclaim it to the world freely." - JP

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