Monday of Ooey Gooey Week!

 Mud pit…

So yesterday as all of you following our blog know the campers were given the chance to get executive director Natalie both ooey and gooey (see our picture gallery for proof). But today it was the campers’ turn. This morning just after the first cabin activity (an activity like archery or boating that the campers choose to do with their counselor and their cabin) campers and staff were challenged to an all camp tug-of-war tournament. In teams by cabin each group got a chance to grab onto the rope and tug until they could tug no longer. To make things more interesting (and more…gooey) the tournament was held over the CYC mud pit!

By the time that we all headed over the lake to wash off campers were almost universally covered from head to toe in muck. Some with their mud masks and hands and legs covered in the stuff were almost completely unrecognizable. Never fear though a quick rinse in the lake and everyone was more or less back to normal. If you haven’t yet check out the photo gallery to see all of the ooey gooey fun.

Afternoon activities…

Camper break – which is held twice a day – gives campers a chance to relax for a bit. They can sit around play Gaga or four square and visit the camp store if they wish. Our first break from eleven until eleven thirty today found campers eager to stop by the camp store and load up on their favorite CYC items (water bottles autograph pillows and the occasional candy and Gatorade were the biggest sellers – along with the Griffin and Olivia stuffed dolls).

Just after break then we had our first individual activity today. Campers sign up for three of these at the opening campfire – and they include things such as throwing (tomahawks bow and arrow and slingshots are covered under this activity) swimming boating dance drama art and others. In addition to these this week we have newspaper (an activity that will actually result in the publication of a newspaper that the camper editorial staff will hand out to their fellow campers and parents at the closing ceremony) and a bucket drumline. All afternoon there have been campers acting boating and crafting and the sounds of drumbeats dancing music and tomahawks finding their target could be heard throughout camp.


In just a bit to finish up the afternoon we will be having mass. Fr. Mike from WI will be celebrating the Eucharist with us and campers have been prepared for this celebration all day. Maintaining our Catholic identity is of course very important to us here at CYC and we’re very grateful for Fr. Mike’s visit!!

"I love how every night we do devotions. And Sunset beach is the best place to hang out, and our cabins are very awesome too!!! Sweeney is very fun. We always have the dance party there, which is my favorite thing. They always have fun activities and we always like doing them." - Isabel

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