Monday of Gauntlet Week

 What a great first day of the session! The sun was shining and the weather was a perfect 75 degrees all day!

We started our day with optional early morning activities- campers could choose to get up early and join in on fishing run club coffee & conversation or yoga. About half of the campers were early risers! Afterwards campers had the option of jumping in the lake for morning polar bear plunge. 

For those who weren’t early risers this is an awesome week because we have late breakfast (teens need their sleep!) at 9am. Breakfast was scrambled eggs and bacon. After breakfast we headed down to the chapel for morning holy ground. 

On Sunday cabins chose 4 activities to do (one for each morning) so this morning cabins were busy paddle boating shooting archery doing arts and crafts and playing sports. At 11:30 cabins spent time coming up with a cabin name team cheer and painting a flag to represent them. They also worked on tie dying tee shirts. 

Lunch was chicken patty and tater tots and then it was time for some much needed rest because the afternoon and evening were jam packed with activity!

On Sunday night campers signed up for 2 individual activities that they will do each day. Cabins divided up and campers were busy with arts and crafts archery/tomahawk/slingshots canoeing fishing drama swimming sports and campfire cooking. For the third period of the day instead of signing up for just one activity campers will have the choice and can do something different each day. 

Dinner was spaghetti and meatball garlic bread and salad and then it was time for our first competitive activity of the week. This week cabins are competing for the ‘Golden Glove" and will complete a variety of challenges as they try to win gold. Tonight counselors were in three lines running across the field. Cabins had buckets of water and water cannons and had to shoot water at the staff. For each staff member that they hit they "collected" that staff until everyone was taken. But every staff member did not count for the same amount of points- some were fast (and therefor worth more points) some were slower (less points) and some could dive in front of the other staff blocking them from getting hit and were worth negative points if you hit them. Campers had to be able to aim and also be strategic!

After the challenge campers had some free time to hang out in the sky chairs and relax. And then it was time for a campfire. We sang some songs watched some skits and of course ate some s’mores!

Next up it was time to lower the flag and head into chapel for evening praise and worship. Campers were singing songs and talking about the 5 C’s. 

But the night isn’t over yet. After praise and worship it will be time for late night games! Staff have been busy hanging Christmas lights all over the volleyball court the 9 square in the air and other areas for campers to be able to enjoy some moonlit fun!

We have crammed a lot into our first day! And there’s more to come for the rest of the week!

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"CYC is a great place to have fun, make friends, and share your faith. At camp, you can make a new friend almost anywhere like during activities, around the campfire, or in your cabin. If you get homesick, you’ll have nice friends and understanding counselors to help you out. You won’t need to worry about it too much because you’ll be having fun all day. No matter where you are, fishing, swimming, or playing soccer, you’ll be having a great time. CYC rocks!" - Joe

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