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What is Operation Purple Camp?

 A program of the National Military Family Association Operation Purple camps offer a free week of summer fun for military kids with parents who have been are currently or will be deployed. These free week-long camps are provided through the generous support of Goldman Sachs Gives the Sierra Club and the Sierra Club Foundation. The goal of the Operation Purple camp program is to give military children tools to help deal with the stresses that result from a parent’s deployment through a memorable camp experience in a “purple” environment. Operation Purple camps are open to military children of all ranks and Services: active and reserve components—and give priority to children whose parents are deployed or deploying anytime between September 2010 and December 2011. At Operation Purple camps military children experience an exciting week of outdoor fun and adventure.

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Where is Operation Purple Camp?

 The National Military Family Association chooses camps across the country to host OPC. 2011 will be Catholic Youth Camp’s third summer hosting OPC. For a full list of camps visit

How do I sign up for OPC and how are campers selected to be part of OPC?

 Applications are accepted March 31 through April 29. Applications will not be accepted past April 29 2011.

 Operation Purple campers are selected based on the age of the child whether a child has experienced a deployment or pre- or post-deployment between September 2010 and December 2011 on military branch of service of the parent to ensure that the program is “purple and whether a child has had the chance to attend Operation Purple camp before.  Campers are NOT selected on a first come first serve basis. Selections are made after the application time period has closed. Camper selections are based on the National Military Family Association’s specific guidelines. 

 Who is eligible to attend Operation Purple Camp?


Operation Purple camps are open to military children from all service branches including National Guard and Reserve Coast Guard National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration and the Commissioned Corps of the United States Public Health Services. However priority is given to those children who have or will have a parent or guardian deployed during a 15 month deployment “window” (specific dates announced each year); this includes pre- during and post-deployment phases. If all spaces are not filled with campers who meet the deployment criteria the remaining camp slots are filled with any DEERS-eligible military child. Children of retired military personnel are eligible if the service member was deployed at any time during the current deployment “window” before retirement.


What is a "Hold My Spot" deposit?

 A "Hold My Spot" deposit is a refundable deposit that will hold your child’s space at camp. It will be refunded to you unless you do not cancel two weeks before the start of camp or do not show up to camp. A $25 personal or cashier’s check is required per child (max of $50 per family) to complete a camper’s registration. This check must be made payable to the National Military Family Association and have the child’s name listed on the memo line. Your check should be mailed or provided to the Operation Purple camp your child will be attending along with their registration forms. Please note that should your child attend camp or cancel within the time allowed your check will not be cashed and will be returned to you.


I thought Operation Purple camp was free? Why do we have to pay a deposit? 

Operation Purple camp is free for those children that are accepted to camp. A “Hold My Spot” deposit is required to secure your child’s spot at camp. Checks are collected by host camps held in a secure location and returned to you when the camper checks-in. There is no financial burden for campers who attend camp or cancel within two weeks of their camp start date. Checks will be forwarded to the National Military Family Association for processing ONLY in the event that you do not give two weeks notice to the host camp that your child will not be attending or do not show for camp. 

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