Feature Friday- The Vandermark Family

Catholic Youth Camp loves getting to know our families! There is no better family to feature first on Feature Fridays than the Vandermarks! Twins Alex & Zach will spend their third summer at CYC this year but also dad Joe serves on our Board of Directors! It’s so important that our Board represents all different parts of CYC Family and Joe does a great job representing the views of our parents! 

Now expecting another CYC camper in June we have calculated that they twins will be LITs once Baby Vandermark is ready to come to camp & we are sure the Alex & Zach will love leading thier younger brother in activities! 

We are so thankful to the Vandermarks as part of our CYC Family! 

Have a Happy Easter! 










Q: Tell us a little about your family

A: We are a family of boys! We (Joe and Karen) have 4 boys – Cole (21) Zach and Alex (10) and future camper Baby Boy due in early June! 


Q: How long has your family been coming to CYC?

A: This year will be our third year


Q: Why does your family choose CYC for summer camp?

A: We love that our Catholic faith is woven into all aspects of camp.The staff and counselors are great; we know our boys are in good hands at camp. And the boys have an absolute blast each time – they can’t wait to go back!


Q: What is your camper’s favorite CYC memory?


Zach: The mud pit!

Alex: Campfire cooking!

Q: What does it mean to be part of the CYC family?

A: We love knowing that we have a great place to send our boys to each summer where they can do so many fun things learn new things meet new people and see how their faith can be an everyday part of their lives.


Q: Describe CYC in ONE word!

Zach: Awesome!

Alex: Spectacular!

"To me Catholic Youth Camp is a place I can be myself and know others will not judge me. Plus it is a place where I can learn more about my religion and proclaim it to the world freely." - JP

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