Day Four Wednesday of Splish Splash Week

The pathfinders return…

This morning around 10 a.m. this week’s camp family was once again whole. The pathfinders after a night in the woods returned safe and sound and ready to hit activities; after the showers of course.

The overnight here gives the older campers the chance to spend some time in the woods gain problem solving and leadership skills and navigate a few trails (hence the name of their group "pathfinders"). Some of the highlights of the trip are always Mafia (a card/strategy game) the encounters with nature (there is a nest of eagles just off the trail by the boys’ campsite) and s’mores over the campfire.

That said no matter how much fun the groups have on the trip they always tumble off the two fifteen passenger vans a little disheveled with a new appreciation for running water.

CHAOS and a bucket brigade…

Just before lunch the all camp activity was a series of relays having to do with our theme of splish splash. The trailblazer boys won the balloon toss the pathfinder girls won the showerhead relay (a relay where campers pass a bucket filled with water (and with holes in it) over their heads to be dumped into a bucket) and the trailblazer girls won the ice melt (teams were given cubes of ice with beads frozen inside and told to melt them and then string them up in alphabetical order of their color).

A little later this afternoon counselors put on CHAOS (Counselors Have Another Outstanding Skill). These are classes that campers can choose to take that highlight the skills of some of their counselors. For an hour groups were learning how to build rube goldberg machines make paper airplanes and braid hair.

With such a talented staff and such full days of programming there just isn’t much time here for boredom to set in. There isn’t even a break in the evenings. Tonight for instance we have our weekly dance party. Speaking of which I’ve got to go make sure the disco ball is spinning…

"To me Catholic Youth Camp is a place I can be myself and know others will not judge me. Plus it is a place where I can learn more about my religion and proclaim it to the world freely." - JP

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