Day Five Thursday of Splish Splash Week


Dunk the director!
Today has been hot here at CYC! This afternoon it felt close to one hundred degrees. Of course with heat like this it’s important to keep cool and hydrated – especially with a full day of activities. The campers generously agreed to keep our director Natalie cool by participating in a camp-wide game of dunk the director.
After a themed activity where campers were challenged (once again as a cabin) to a series of challenges that included sand-castle building a human sculpture and a beach ball relay each camper was allowed one chance to throw a ball from shore into a bucket a little ways out. If successful the two counselors holding Natalie up (she was sitting on a plank) tipped a little and let gravity do the rest. The exception was the trailblazer girls: they were allowed two chances each for winning the treasure hunt (they found the most sunken tokens in the swimming area).
Natalie shrieked her thanks to the campers for their assistance in keeping her cool each of the five times she was successfully dunked. The activity was quite successful. In the words of one of our “punnier” campers “it created quite a splash.”
A special visitor…
This morning in Holy Ground (morning chapel time) campers were told that we would be having a visit from a very special guest. And sure enough around about four thirty a car pulled up and out stepped Father Bill from the Twin Cities. Father Bill celebrated mass with us and hung around for dinner. The campers gave him a very warm welcome and even a round of applause for his help with camp worship this week.
Sharing our talents…
Campers and staff showed their stuff tonight around the friendship circle. From 7:30 until about 8:30 we held our weekly talent show. We were amazed by several mystifying magic acts entertained by several singers and treated to a skit and a dance by the drama and dance groups respectively. Here at CYC we’re always amazed by the quality of our camper and the talent show is just one more way that this comes out.
Now it’s heads meds and beds time and tomorrow the campers head out. Several camper have expressed their desires to stay all summer already: we only wish they could! After tomorrow it will be back to the summer routine for them and we’ll count down the days until they get to come back and visit.

"What camp means to me is learning about God, making friends and having fun. But the most important thing is being yourself. We have lots of fun at camp. The counselors are great, the friends are nice, the themes are awesome, and the games rule! When I grow too old to come to camp I want to be a camp counselor, but for now, I will enjoy the fun at camp. See you this year!" - Josh

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