Christmas Tuesday

What a perfect day at CYC! Once again we started the day with polar bear plunge. The sun was shining bright (even at 7:15) and we knew it would be a hot day!

After breakfast flag raising and morning chapel (or ‘C’ of the day is Christ) we headed to cabin activities. It was perfect for a morning filled with archery canoeing sports nature swimming and much more. 

After a delicious lunch of italian dunkers followed by some cabin rest time campers divided into individual activities. The drama groups worked on their skits for the talent show the arts and crafts kids were making mosaics and baskets the sports group played with the parachute fishers fished swimmers swam campers shot archery/slingshots/and thew tomahawks canoers canoed campfire cooking made pudgie pies and survival skills built a fire! It was a busy afternoon!

At 4:30 Bishop Sirba from Duluth arrived and celebrated mass with us. CYC is not just a community that plays together we are a community that PRAYS together. It was nice to slow our day down a bit and join together to remember the most special part of CYC- Catholic! Joe K did the readings Sean M Ben K and Luke M carried up the gifts and everyone sang loudly because as Program DIrector Kayla tells us in chapel each day- singing is praying twice!

We had dinner (hamburgers!) and then it was time for some more Christmas spirit! We went to the field for Christmas themed relays.The first relay had camper decorating a Christmas tree… wait not we already did that so instead they decorated their counselor. They had to run each decoration down to their counselor and the first team to finish got a point. 

Then cabins had to use their elbows to pass big "snowballs" down the line and then build a snowman. Next each camper had to melt an ice cube to retrieve a bead. Once they had the bead they ran it to their counselor who had to string them and then bring the completed string to the other side of the field. 

Next up was our favorite- cookie on a string! Camper had to eat a cookie off a string without using their hands. The fist person to eat the cookie without dropping it would win! You should have seen those campers and counselor eating cookies! Yum!

And finally campers had to throw snowballs into a bucket that thier counselors were holding. But… whoops… apparently Director Natalie left the snowballs out and they melted! So campers had to toss cups of water and counselors had to catch them in the buckets! 

Relays at camp aren’t as much about who wins but how much you can cheer your team and the other teams on and campers ROCKED at cheering! There was so much spirit it was amazing!

As if we hadn’t already packed enough activity into the day after evening cabin time we sang and cheered our way down to the friendship circle for the tuesday campfire. We sang our cabin cheers (showing SO much spirit!) were entertained by a hilarious counselor show sang lots of songs and then we made s’mores while singing more songs.

Camp Director Natalie (and pretty much everyone else at camp) was hot all day! And even as teh campfire was winding down the temperature was high! So instead of heading to the showers we headed down to the beach for a spontaneous fully clothed evening polar bear plunge. It was still ight out and even though it wasn’t sunny it was still hot and the water was warm! We jumped in the water in all of our clothes and cooled off after a hot day! A great way to end the day before brushing our teeth and taking showers!

We are having a blast and excited for more adventures tomorrow.

Have you visited the CYC YouTube channel yet? Check out slideshows from previous weeks goofy videos of camp staff and much more! 

"Not once did I EVER hear put downs. And CYC is the best camp to be at!!! And I bet this year will be even better." - Isabel

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