Something crazy has been going on all week and tonight we have a bonus blog post written by our Programs and Operations Specialist Tim. 


It was a magical whole new world at CYC Disney week.  The campers were painting with all the colors of the wind having fun swimming under the sea and embracing the motto of “Hakuna Matata.”  They filled the dining hall for Monday lunch like they would any other day full of laughter singing and an appetite ready for the delicious food prepared by our professional cooking staff.  Little did the campers know however that this lunch was no normal lunch.  For you see it was chicken patty day. 

What is so special about chicken patty day you ask?  Chicken patty is a camp favorite and beloved above all other camp meals by program and operations specialist Tim (that’s me!).  I love chicken patty so much that I had to share this love of 100% white meat with others.  For the first time in CYC history Monday was declared Chicken Patty Day. 

The camp rejoiced over the news and lunchtime was a time of maximum fun and celebration.  The holiday included the debut performance of the chicken patty anthem (“Chicken patty on a bun chicken patty yum yum yum chicken patty hug someone”) every camper’s face on a picture of a chicken patty and the presentation of the chicken patty crown.  Due to my love of chicken patty I was bestowed with the crown and declared Chicken Patty King.  Everything seemed to be going wonderfully.  In fact I felt as if I were Simba at the end of the Lion King; however danger was lurking. 

Between lunch and dinner on Monday a whisper spread throughout camp and lingered like a magic potion.  The rumor was that I didn’t even like chicken patty and I threw my patty away at lunch.  While clearly not true the campers stated to believe it and soon enough a mission developed to dethrone me and to steal my crown.  At dinner the campers sat down and murmured among themselves on whether it was really true.  A chicken patty king who hated eating chicken patty?  How could this be? 

All of a sudden a cabin of campers sprang into action and snatched the chicken patty crown from my head.  They swore to keep it hidden until the true chicken patty king could be crowned.  This act of humorous defiance threw all of camp into a chicken patty saga.  Some campers encouraged each other to “let it go” while others wanted to “dig a little deeper” and figure out the rightful owner of the crown.  Before anyone could make a decision the crown went missing for a second time! 

In this instance it was stolen by a mysterious thief who left a note saying “Long live the chicken patty king!” It was signed by Reid the camp media specialist.  Camp started to buzz again on who stole the crown from the cabin.  Was it really Reid the media specialist?  Was Reid framed?  Some campers thought that it was Mickey Mouse himself who took the crown.  It was mysterious and magical.  With a couple main leads on the case the campers decided it was only fair to hold a trail and put all suspects on the questioning stand.  At the campfire on Tuesday night the first trial at CYC was brought to order by the honorable Judge Meghan (Program Director) and the infamous bailiff Abby (Operations Director).  I was the first to take the stand sworn in over a freshly made smore with marshmallow goo dripping over the edge of the graham cracker.  I was bombarded with a series of questions ranging the gamut from my affection for chicken to the content of my character.  Throughout the process however we all noticed something very peculiar.  Media Specialist Reid was missing.  Why?  Was he evading the court?  Could it be Reid who stole the crown? 

After deliberation the campers determined it must be Reid.  This accusation was found true when the campers found signs hanging around camp that showed Reid wearing the chicken patty crown.  It was undeniable now.  The campers wondered aloud were Reid could be with the crown.  Was he going to declare himself king and rule the chicken patty kingdom?  Their answer came soon enough at breakfast the next morning.  During the meal which was coincidentally my favorite breakfast of biscuits and gravy Reid came bursting through the door held the crown up high and declared “Attention everyone!  Your king has arrived!”  He then proceeded to run out of the dining hall. 

Mass chaos ensued as my supporters objected and Reid’s loyal campers rejoiced.  In the midst of it all Reid dropped the crown somewhere on the CYC trails.  At the present moment the chicken patty crown and its whereabouts remain a mystery.  Will the crown be found?  What will become of the chicken patty kingdom?  That mystery will have to wait until Friday or perhaps it will never be solved.  I suppose that’s the magic of combining CYC Disney and chicken patty.      


"CYC is a great place to have fun, make friends, and share your faith. At camp, you can make a new friend almost anywhere like during activities, around the campfire, or in your cabin. If you get homesick, you’ll have nice friends and understanding counselors to help you out. You won’t need to worry about it too much because you’ll be having fun all day. No matter where you are, fishing, swimming, or playing soccer, you’ll be having a great time. CYC rocks!" - Joe

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