An Ooey Gooey Welcome!

 This afternoon marks day one of Ooey Gooey Week here at CYC and things really started with a splash…of sludge. Temporary delays with the bus meant that half of our campers arrived around three o’clock and the other half around five o’clock. After a few get-to-know-ya games on the field and of course a camp song or two the campers here at CYC got into a big semi-circle and waited patiently as program directors Paul and Shayla introduced the first activity of the week: slime the director.

Natalie King our executive director  was sitting unknowingly in her office the kids were told while they all got the chance to volunteer for competitions meant to challenge their skills. After each challenge (a few campers had to keep a feather in the air for a whole minute several others had to pass a beach ball over their heads and then under their legs to get through a whole line before two minutes was up everyone was divided up and had to find their group without looking – and while making only barn animal noises) campers were given one ingredient: some chocolate sauce marshmellows apple pie filling etc.

After several of these challenges (and several ingredients won) camp director Natalie was walkied from the field to join the campers for a quick “introduction.” The introduction however involved making her into a human sundae!

She was of course a good sport about the whole thing! The best part was this: the bus came around the corner just as the last drops of chocolate sauce were being dripped over her head. All the campers got to enjoy the sight of their director as an ooey gooey masterpiece.

After this activity everyone headed into Sweeney Lodge (our mess hall) for some dinner. A healthy serving of pizza and veggies has kept us all full for the evening and now campers are out at the Friendship Circle (our fire pit) discussing all of the fabulous activities that they will get to be a part of this week. After the fire we’ll head to Sweeney once more for heads meds and beds then it’s off to bed where campers will start to dream about all of the sticky ooey gooey activities that await them all throughout the week.

"CYC means a lot to me, it means growing in faith, having friendships that may last forever and just having fun." - Jennifer

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